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Xena Warrior Princess Director List / Episode Guide
1995 - 2001

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Mark Beesley
Season 2
: A Necessary Evil, Maternal Instincts,
Season 5
: Purity, Lyre, Lyre, Hearts on Fire, Eternal Bonds, Amphipolis Under Seige, Eve,
Season 6: Coming Home, Heart of Darkness, Many Happy Returns
Eric Brevig Season 1: The Titans
John Cameron Season 1: Royal Couple of Thieves
Bruce Campbell
Season 3: King of Assassins, Keys to the Kingdom
Harley Cokeliss Season 1: Chariots of War
Mario di Leo Season 1: The Black Wolf
John Fawcett
Season 4: The Way,
Season 5: Fallen Angel, Them Bones, Them Bones
Season 6: The Rheingold, Return of the Valkyrie
When Fates Collide
Robert Ginty Season 2: Warrior Priestess Tramp
Ken Girotti Season 4: Ides of March
Chris Graves
Season 5
: The Play's The Thing, Takes One To Know One
Janet Greek Season 4: King Con
Bruce Seth Green Season 1: Dreamworker
Paul Grinder Season 5: Married With Fishsticks, Lifeblood
Charlie Haskell Season 2: The Xena Scrolls
Season 4: Forget Me Not
Season 6: Send in the Clones
Michael Hurst Season 2: A Day in the Life
Season 3: A Tale of Two Muses
Season 5: Antony & Cleopatra
Season 6: Who's Ghurkhan?, To Helicon And Back
Rick Jacobson Season 2: The Dirty Half Dozen
Season 3: Sacrifice Part 1
Season 4: A Good Day
Season 5: Locked Up and Tied Down, Animal Attraction, Back in the Bottle, Livia, Motherhood
Season 6: The Abyss, The Ring
Gary Jones Season 1: Giant Killer, The Greater Good
Season 2: Intimate Stranger
John T. Kretchmer: Season 1: The Prodigal
Season 2: A Solstice Carol
John Laing Season 4: When In Rome, Tsunami
Season 6: You Are There
Doug Lefler Season 1: Sins of the Past
Season 4: A Family Affair
Season 5: Chakram
Michael Levine Season 1: Altared States, Cradle of Hope, Warrior Princess
Season 2: The Quest, Ulysses
Allison Liddi Season 5: Little Problems
Paul Lynch Season 4: One Against An Army, Crusader
Stewart Main Season 1: Death Mask
Chris Martin-Jones Season 6: Legacy, Path of Vengeance
Garth Maxwell Season 1: Mortal Beloved
Season 2: The Execution, Lost Mariner
Season 3: Forgiven
Season 4: Past Imperfect,
Season 5: Devi, Seeds of Faith, God Fearing Child, Looking Death in the Eye
Season 6: The Haunting of Amphipolis, The God You Know, The Last of the Centaurs
Andrew Merrifield Season 2: Been There, Done That, The Quil is Mightier
Season 4: Vanishing Act, Convert
Season 5: Punch Line
Patrick Norris Season 4: Daughter of Pomira
Reneé O'Connor Season 4: Deja Vu All Over Again
Season 6: Dangerous Prey
Steven J. Posey Season 1: The Path Not Taken, Promethius
Oley Sassone Season 3: The Price, The Deliverer, The Debt Parts 1 & 2, Bitter
Marina Sargenti Season 3: Here She Comes, Miss Amphipolis
T.J. Scott Season 1: Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts, Calliso, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Is There A Doctor in the House
Season 2: The Return of Callisto
Season 4: Adventures in the Sin Trade Part 1 & 2
Gilbert Shilton Season 3: The Furies
Charles Siebert Season 1: Death in Chains, The Reckoning, Ties That Bind
Season 2: Orphan of War, Ten Little Warlords, A Comedy of Eros
Season 3: Gabrielle's Hope
Season 6: Old Ares Had A Farm
Robert Tapert Season 2: Destiny
Season 4: Paradise Found
Season 6: A Friend In Need Part 1 and 2
David Warry-Smith Season 3: Sacrifice Part 1
Anson Williams Season 2: Remember Nothing



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