Xena Warrior Princess Cast and Character Information
1995 - 2001

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Lucy Lawless - Xena

Xena, the former warlord, pirate and Destroyer of Nations, is on the path of redemption after meeting with the son of Zeus, Hercules. It's not until she meets the young, naive and somewhat chatty Gabrielle does she truly understand friendship and love. The dark brooding warrior doesn't know what hit her when Gabrielle enters her life in a spot outside Potadeia. Xena seeks to make amends for all the murder and destruction she caused. Her mission is The Greater Good and Gabrielle.

Renee O'Connor - Gabrielle

The young girl from Potadeia who studied the stars, spoken with philosophers and had the gift of prophesy had one wish. To follow the warrior princess. In the role of soul mate, bard and Amazon Queen, Gabrielle fast became Xena's companion and then true soul mate as they travelled together.


Kevin Smith - Ares

Ares, God of War with a weak spot for a Warrior Princess. The God of War stops at nothing to gain Xena's heart and sword. Alas he is thwarted at every turn and to get to Xena, he needs to go through Gabrielle. An impossible task even for a God.

Kevin Smith sadly passed away in China in 2002.  Rest In Peace, Kevin.


Ted Raimi - Joxer

Joxer The Mighty, the warrior wannabe. Joxer is the comic foil in this series. He is a kind hearted young man who seeks to be known as a true warrior. Unfortunately his wishes are not up to his abilities. Even the inexperienced Gabrielle knocks him out cold on their first meeting.

Hudson Leike - Callisto

The psycho with the greatest one liners. Callisto was a young girl when the evil warlord, Xena, came through Cirra and burnt it to the ground. Callisto vowed revenge and in her absolute hate, she turned into Xena's nemesis. Callisto has a love/hate relationship with the warrior princess. She's not all that thrilled with Gabrielle either.

Claire Stansfield - Alti

The evil shamaness with the dark eyes and wicked husky voice.  Alti meets Xena when the warrior is seeking greater glory and spoils. She introduces Xena to an ever darker side of herself and together they decimate the Amazon Queens. She gives Xena the title of Destroyer of Nations. Can't stand the fact Xena is reformed and does her utmost to turn Xena to the dark side.


Bruce Campbell - Autolycus

The King of Thieves and lovable rogue. Autolycus is a thief but not your average thief, he is the best. Autolycus is also the man Xena turns to when she needs to borrow his body for a while.

Alexandra Tydings - Aphrodite

The mighty Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Gabrielle's friend. The Goddess of Love pops herself into the lives of Xena and Gabrielle.



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