Fri., Sat. & Sun.
January 21-23, 2005
Burbank Airport
Hilton and Towers
2500 Hollywood Way




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Lucy Lawless
Renee O'Connor
Rob Tapert
Alexis Arquette
Alison Wall
Bruce Hopkins
Chris Manheim
Danielle Cormack
Gillian Waters
Jennifer Ward-Lealand
Katherine Fugate
Meighan Desmond
Missy Good
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Roger Morrissey
Sherri Rappaport
Steven Sears
Ted Raimi
Tsianina Joelson

                                            Celebrating 10 years of Xena
                    134 episodes,  6 Seasons and 10 Years of Xena Fandom
                                         September 1995 - September 2005

Creation Entertainment - Official Xena Convention 2005
Artwork by Lucia Nobrega

Reports by EZ Ryder / Talking Xena

Thursday / Friday Convention Report
Saturday Convention Report
Sunday Convention Report

My flight out was at 8:00am, Thursday morning. The night before, a snow storm was predicted for the area. The airport is a hour and a half away from us, so hubby and me got a hotel room one mile away from the airport that night, which was a good thing as when we woke up there was about 6 inches of snow on the ground and still storming. We got to the airport fine, and I got on the plane. We sat in it for a hour and forty five minutes before it took off, due to 2 de-icings and them waiting for the log to show up. Finally, we took off. I had a 3 hour wait in Boston to get my flight to LA, and was really glad that happened as I made my next flight. Other passengers weren't so lucky and were loudly grumbling about missing their flights.

Got on the plane to LA, and sat in it for a hour before it took off, due to more de-icing. I was on that plane about 7 hours. When I got off the plane in LA, all the aggravations melted away as I stepped out in to warm sunshine, looking at the palm trees. HB called me on my cell, and told me she was at the hotel waiting for me, along with a few other TXers.

I got in a cab and enjoyed the ride, seeing the sights. We pulled up in front of the Hilton, and there was HB, BardKC, I believe Bards wife, Mags, LdySilverWolf, and Emilia out front waiting for me.<If Im forgetting anybody, my apology's> How cool was that! HB got on the ground on her knees and started doing 'hail' bows, lol, the nut. <g> It was wonderful to meet them all, awesome people they are! After hugs and introductions, I walked in the lobby and saw Redhead and Amazon Elder. I gave Red a big hug, as it was great to finally meet her. AE was real nice too. Then I saw CorXY, and got a big hug from her too. She is so cute!

After I put my things in me & HBs room, we all headed to the bar to get some food and drinks, and hung out there till it was time to get in line for pre-registration. What a loooooong line that was, went around the hotel. It was a lot of fun though, as everybody was on a Xena high, and quite talkative and friendly.

Once we got inside the lobby, which was packed with people, I was thrilled to see all the Xena merchandise around, and started buying some asap, lol. I got a limited edition 10 year anniversary plaque signed by Lucy & Renee, which was sold out the next morning, a 10 year anniversary T-shirt, and a few more odds & ends. Me & HB hung around for awhile, then went back to our room to get some much needed sleep. I wasn't aware that my body was still on east coast time, as both me & HB woke up at 4am, which was 7am our time, and couldn't get back to sleep, lol. After a couple of hours we got ready for the day, and went to have some breakfast in the restaurant. They have the best French toast I ever tasted, lol.

Then it was time for the TX meet up. I cant describe just how awesome that was, you had to be there. I was absolutely thrilled at the turn out, and all the good vibes in the room. There was so many people there! I first introduced myself to MaryD, who stood up and gave me a big hug. Thank you Mary! Next thing you know, everybody's hugging everybody. <g> HB started passing out the name tags as folks came around, and introduced themselves to us..more hugs then. I cannot remember all the names, can barely remember mine some days, lol, so my sincerest apology's if I don't put down yours. I remember each and every one of your faces, just bad with names. Please post it here if I missed it. :)

I got to meet Azure & GOwithIT, and that totally rocked. They are awesome people and I was so glad to meet them. I met Laughing Andy, <luvs ya!>, Bluewarrior, Xena2002, Mmagala, Pattyannv, OldChakram <who gave me a sweet gift, thank you!> Callistofreak, who brought all those awesome Xena pads for everybody, RiteOfCaste, Aresgirl, Thing For Gabrielle, Katcv, GabEgrrl, Adrummer, and BardKC, Emilia, Redly, SW, CorXy, was there too. Tobias wasnt there, but I did meet her a bit later on, so cool!

We hung around there for a hour, it was such a blast, then around 11:00, me & HB went wandering around the convention. Saw Steven Sears talking with everybody, and Bruce Hopkins walking around. Both were super nice and very friendly.

Heres some Xena fans, I think thats Deborah Abbot? And Bruce Hopkins & Grindl at the auto table..

Then it was in to the convention. They first showed a film, Xenaversity's top ten villain moments. The first scene shown was Xena killing the Olympian gods. #( was Lucifer turning in to the devil, #8 was Najara explaining her version of the 'light' to a highly ticked off Xena, #7 was Ming Tien, telling Xena how he killed Lao Ma, #6 was Yodoshi in the final FIN battle, #5 was Hope out of the cacoon..'Hello Mother'..#4 Velasca returning from near death and eating the ambrosia, #3 Caesar in WFC, destroying the loom, #2 Alti, 'Xena's Little bitch' scene shown, and number 1 was, of course the Warrior Queen herself, Callisto telling Xena what she would do if she let her go in ROC.

Meighan Desmond came on stage then, and she looked absolutely adorable with her cute hair cut. My pics aren't the best, as I was in row 8, but here they are. Im mad they came out so damn dark, and am very glad I used my disposable camera's for the Saturday night party and Charity breakfast. Those should be a lot better. I'll know tomorrow when I pick them up.

I didn't write down everything, but one quote of hers I really liked. She said about Discord and in general, 'I think every woman has a little bit of bitchiness in her." Lol, aint that the truth. <g>

She talked a little about Kevin Smith, and how funny, kind and generous he was, and how Joel Tobeck was so good, and over the top. She said when she was acting with him, she would think to herself 'what am I going to do' as he was so talented and funny.

She was asked how she felt about being beheaded, and said when Rob told her she gulped, and said that it was strange, but she felt better knowing the other gods got killed off too and it was nothing personal.

She didn't get to keep her costume. She said it would have been wonderful to have, thought it was a tight fit, especially after lunch, lol.

On MWF, she said that it was her going in to the cake, and it was like being in a Flintstones episode, lol.

Meighan was done then, and I wandered out in to the lobby to see the Tonight show filming. Howie so can not do a Xena yell, lol. Passed Steven Sears and said hi, then hung out in the lobby till Sheerie Rappaport came on. I didn't hear some of what she said, but she did say that Lucy was like a big sister. Then she hesitated for a moment, grinned and said 'or something else'. <g> She was asked if that was a nude scene with Lucy in AITST, and she laughed and said, tongue in cheek, 'I don't remember.' I talked with her for a bit at the Saturday night dance party, and will write that down when I get to that part of the convention.

Steven Sears came on stage then, and he was a real treat to watch, very amusing. He read off some of the questions people emailed him <I wrote the answers to a couple I asked in my Steven Sears on Hope thread> One question asked him if he was married, single or available. He got a kick out of the 'available' part, and responded with a 'Good question'. Then he said he was single. I didn't get a lot of notes here, but one quote of his was when he says he gives the script hes working on to women, so they can tell him where he left the seat up there, being a guy, lol.

Then David Franklin came on. He is a lot of fun too. He was describing peoples reaction to him at cons, after Endgame aired. He said in a hissy voice, 'Ephiny killerrrrrrr'... then he said in his own voice, ' woah ladies, please', then 'Ephiny killerrrrrrrr' in the hissy voice again. To funny!

He talked for a bit, then Howie and camera crew came in. He had a guy with him who was looking for his girlfriend, as he couldnt track her down. They said the name over the mics, and when she stood up David put on a mock serious expression and said 'Where the hell where you!", lol. After a bit of this, David good naturedly told Howie that this was HIS show, HIS time, and he'd like to get on with it. Go David! :D

Howie left, and David talked some more, demonstrating how he looked when he got 'the pinch'. It was very funny, Davids a riot!

When he got down, me & Hb wandered around the lobby for a bit till Tsianina Joelson came on. She was beautiful, and very very pregnant. She said how she wouldn't be flexing her muscles at this con, lol. She explained what her name meant, which I believe was 'wild flower'. She was asked if she got any injuries on the show, and said that there was a time when she was spinning 2 staffs around, and when she went back and around with her arm, it popped out of its socket then popped back in when her arm went full circle. Someone asked her to do a move she did in the show, not sure what it was, one of the Amazon dance scenes I guess, where she had both arms extended out and was wiggling her fingers. It was funny as she looked for a place to put her mic down on, as she didnt want to bend over with her pregnant stomach. She did though, and did the move. At one point I think she had trouble speaking, because she said, 'Okay, I cant talk anymore, thank you!" and pretended to walk off the stage. She was real sweet and a lot of fun.

It was time to get auto's then, and I unfortunately didn't make it. I was bone tired and my asthma kicked up, so I went to my room to lay down. I didn't make the Friday night show either. HB, Em, and I think SW & Bard got my autos for me though <Thanks again guys!> and they were all personalized and very nice. When HB told David I wasn't feeling good and really wanted to meet him, she said he looked concerned, and he tore off a piece a paper to write me a note wishing me better, along with the great auto pic I got from him. What a guy!

Well, thats it for now folks. Thursday & Friday are covered. Will write Saturday & Sunday reports soon. Thanks for reading..:)

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