Fri., Sat. & Sun.
January 21-23, 2005
Burbank Airport
Hilton and Towers
2500 Hollywood Way




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Rob Tapert
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Bruce Hopkins
Chris Manheim
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                                            Celebrating 10 years of Xena
                    134 episodes,  6 Seasons and 10 Years of Xena Fandom
                                         September 1995 - September 2005

Creation Entertainment - Official Xena Convention 2005
Artwork by Lucia Nobrega

Report by EZ Ryder | Saturday Convention Report

Thursday / Friday Convention Report
Sunday Convention Report

Day 2 of the con. I left off on my last con report with me going to bed early Friday night, and Im glad I did as I woke up at 4am again! Damn time difference, lol. HB got up too, and we got room service and hung around the room till around 11:00 I think. Now my story gets fuzzy here, as I don't remember when we did what, so if my story is out of sequence or forgotten all together, I'll blame it on the time change. <g>

We wandered around the convention building for a bit, Steven was out front talking to fans, and I ran in to MaryD. I told her how I wanted to ask Steven Sears my Hope question, but was shy about it. MaryD took hold of my arm, said 'C'mon' and walked me over to Steven and introduced us. I asked him my question, and the answer is in my Steven Sears on Hope thread. Thanks MaryD! I then asked to take a picture of him, and he said sure and put his arm around Emilia for the shot. I took my picture and Steve said I had my finger over the lens. :o I said 'Damn', or something like that, and he posed again and I got another shot. Hope this one came out, lol.

I wanted to get his autograph, but didn't have my notepad with me. I mentioned to my friends there that I was going inside to look at the scripts for sale for one of his. So I wandered around the lobby for a bit and didn't find one that I wanted. LdySilverWolf came up to me and handed me a 'Dreamworker' script she found on the discount table. Perfect! Love that ep, and liked the price of it. Thank you SW! I put it in my backpack till I ran in to Steven again.

The guests came on stage earlier than what was in the original time frame on Creation, where they said con hours were 1-7, and I planned to meet up with a TXer in the lobby at noon. Alison Wall came on stage, and I only saw her for a couple of minutes, don't remember what she said, and went to the lobby. HB was there along with XenaDarFan. It was great to meet her. She is very nice, and had a great tattoo! :)

Went back to the con in a bit, as we didn't want to miss Danielle, and she didn't disappoint. Folks, I didn't have my note pad with me that day, so Im going by memory here, and reading other reports. Danielle swept on stage in a form fitting, long black gown, and had long black hair. She was full of energy, and quite animated. She said that her hair was black because she was tired of the blond curls, and that she wanted to play Xena in the movie. The crowd roared its approval. Then she said she wanted to be Angelina Jolie, and puckered up her lips to look like her. To funny. She said she was quite young when she began playing Ephiny. She said she was 15. Then paused for a moment and said 'Just turned'. We were all laughing, she was a hoot. Creation had the guests sign the stage banners, and Danielle, to the crowds delight, signed Xena's crotch and then Gabrielle's crotch. The woman is a trip. :D
More on Danielle at the Saturday night dessert party.

Me & HB wandered around the con lobby then for a bit, where we came across Steven Sears again. I was to shy to ask Steven for his autograph, even though I already spoke to him, so I had HB do it. :D She did, thanks HB!, and when she spelled out my name for him (I have a weird one) Steven said it was a interesting name, and wrote 'beautiful spelling' on the script under my name. Thats when I piped up and said it was for me, lol. We talked for a couple of more minutes, and I asked if he ever came to this board. He said he did once, but it was a long time ago and he'd have to update his handle. I told him he was a favorite writer here, gave him a TX card, and told him to apply for membership and Id let him right in. Hopefully he does. :)

I got a Bruce Hopkins auto, and as usual was tongue tied when I met him. I walked over to his table, and he stuck his hand out so I put the auto ticket in it. He said he was going to shake my hand. Oooops. :o So we shook hands and I told him I was a big Herc fan too, and he started talking about Ngila <sp> and how good it was that she did costumes for Herc/Xena and LOTR. Then we got to my name which I had to spell out, and he asked me how I got it, and we talked about that for a minute. I took a picture of him signing mine. Bruce was a sweetheart, very friendly and nice, and seemed to really enjoy being there.

I missed seeing Rob on stage, but made it in the convention for Lucy & Renee. What a treat! They built up the anticipation majorly by making us wait for them to appear after they were announced. We could hear them talking over their mics a little which added to the suspense. When Lucy, followed by Renee, popped out of that cake wearing those Lyre, Lyre outfits the crowd went wild! Gods, what a feeling that was! The joy, love, and excitement in that room was almost indescribable it was so intense. I was ecstatic and a bit choked up. Still cant get the song Lucy was singing out of my head, lol. They shimmied and danced for us, and it was plain awesome! What a rush! :)

Im sorry to say I don't remember much of what was said, but the good news is it will be out on DVD soon and you all can check it out for your selves. <g>

I remember Adrummers question was asked "Did Renee ever get injured from hugging Xena with the breastplate on?" Renee said that she had puncture wounds from it. Lucy said that precautions were taken to make sure Renee didn't get hurt. So who is right, lol.

Lucy was asked who was the better kisser, Kevin Smith, Kevin Sorbo, or Renee. Lucy looked deep in thought and said something like Kevin Smith was such a good friend she didn't think about that. Then she paused and said Sorbo was good. Then she paused again and said Renee was the best. <g>

Someone asked if Renee and Lucy ever had fights on the set. Renee said there will always be some disagreements like in a marriage, and Lucy said, "The sex was sporadic." LOL!

They were asked about gay marriage, and Lucy said lots of her LA friends were gay and if they wanted to make a commitment to each other they should be able to. Renee pretty much said the same thing. They are both for it.

Renee said she would never do reality shows, and thinks its the death of television. I agree.

I loved Renee's tattoo sleeves, and thought they looked good on her. Lucy was in her Lyre Lyre costume for awhile after Renee changed, and we kept asking Lucy to take off her wig. Lucy kept saying, "You don't want me to do that." I was glad when she did as she looked gorgeous with out it.

They talked about the funny noises/sounds their kids made too, it was quite amusing watching them talk like toddlers. <g>

Oh yeah, the fire alarm went off when our gals were on stage. Proves just how hot they were. :wink

Lucy was also asked to do her Xena yell, and I was thrilled that she did. Never heard it live and it sounded great!


After Lucy & Renee off stage, to a standing ovation, it was intermission time. Hung around for awhile, got some food then went back in to see the Kevin Smith video tribute. It was well done and really yanked my heart strings. What a beautiful man, its still so hard to believe he is gone. <sniff>

Then it was time for Hudson. Gods, she is gorgeous, and what a stage presence! She just stood there and looked at us for awhile, and held the cheering crowd captive by merely standing there. She said something like, 'why do I have to entertain you guys, why don't you entertain me?' Lol. She brought a person up from the audience so they can see what it feels like to have all that applause and cheering. She got the person on there, got off the stage, and we all clapped for that person. Then Hudson got back on and told the person to get off HER stage, and the crowd started cheering more. Hudson then auctioned off her dress for charity. She did this for her best friend, who she said helps so many others and now needs the help for her mother, who had cancer. Hudson asked the crowd how many people have had cancer, then how many were affected by it. She talked for a bit about that, then the auction began. She got over 2000 dollars for the dress, which I thought was awesome. Go Xenites!

Hudson got off the stage and then it was time for autographs. Man, what a long line! Glad I had gold tickets, so I wasn't at the end of it, lol. Me & HB were talking to a couple behind us, one of them was spinning the staff in the Leno shoot, and they were fun to talk with. Danielle & Hudson started walking through the line to speed things up, where we saw them when we walked in to the main room. Danielle signed my pic, then went over to the couple we were talking to, who had one of Ephinys costumes. Danielle held it up with wide eyes and and a big smile and said, "I wore this F*cking thing!" Lol! She signed all over it. Meanwhile, Hudson was on her way over to me, and I just about melted just looking at her. She told us that she would love to talk to us all, but there was a lot of people waiting for autographs so she had to speed things up. Always thinking of the fans she is. I got over the table to where Alison Wall was and said hi to her. She said 'Hiiii' and smiled, looking and sounding just like Minya, lol.

Autographs were done, and we wandered around for a bit. richi wasn't able to make the con, but he called me on my cell and me & HB met him in front of the hotel. He was very nice and it was fun to meet him.

Off to the Saturday night dessert party. The ice cream looked good, but the portable bars with the cold Budweisers's looked even better, so thats where I went, lol. Me & HB sat with Laughing Andy & Blue warrior, who were a lot of fun. Bruce Hopkins was up on the platform with the DJ, and Steven Sears was walking around the room. Sheerie was the first guest to come over, and she seemed a little shy. It was her first con, she said, and I said it was mine too. <g> She asked if we watched other shows, and I said no, not really. She said she liked Jack of all Trades, and I said I did too as I love Bruce Campbell. She lit up then, and said she loved Bruce too, and started talking about the Evil Dead movies. We chatted about that for a few moments, and I asked her if she ever met him. She said no, very disappointedly, and hopes to meet him someday. It was time for her to go then, but she posed for a couple of pics first before she went. She was very charming and very sweet.

Meighan came over then and sat next to me. I told her I loved her haircut, and that she looked absolutely adorable in it. She laughed and thanked me. I don't remember what else she said, and she was only there for a few seconds, but she was very bubbly and charming. HB, Andy or BW, if you can remember what else she said, please post it. <g>

I think I got up to get another beer then, and wandered to the other side of the room, where Danielle had the crowd going wild. I got over by the table she was sitting at, and she had her arm around a woman and her other hand was under the woman's breast, jiggling it, lol. Right after that she jumped on the table and started doing crazy dance moves, much to the crowds delight who roared their approval. People came running over from all parts of the room, much to the con workers dismay. I was told to go sit back at my table and Danielle would be there soon. I got a pic first, but from a distance.

I sat back down at my table, and Danielle did come over. I held up my camera to take a picture of her, and she says "Do you realize you are about to meet me through a camera lens?" I blushed and said sorry, that it was nice to meet her, and that I was new at this. She said something to me, forgot what it was, and I moved my arms a certain way and said I was shy. Danielle copied my pose, and said she loves shy con virgins, or something like that, lol. Im blushing like crazy now, and she asked my name. I told her, then asked if I could take a picture. She said sure, and I took it. She gave me a mock stern look and told me I had my finger over the lens. I mumbled, "Damn! I did that with Steven Sears too." She posed for me again, and next thing I know my arms are around her, hers were around me, and I got my pic taken with her. :D When it was over she was being led away, and she looked over her shoulder and told me it was nice meeting me. Right back atcha Danielle! She walked over to the next table, and began to hit the table with the 'We will rock you' song. Hit, hit, clap...hit, hit, clap. What a trip she was! We love you Danielle! <g>

I was getting tired then, as was HB, so we decided to go back to our room. I didn't get a chance to talk with Alison, but did get a nice pic of her with Jennifer Lealand, who I didn't even realize it was her till later on when someone told me who she was. Oooops. <g>

It was around midnight when me & Hb got back to our room, and had a case of the giggles, lol. Lights out.

Sorry again about the not so clear & dark pics. I did the best I could with them.

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