Fri., Sat. & Sun.
January 21-23, 2005
Burbank Airport
Hilton and Towers
2500 Hollywood Way




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                                            Celebrating 10 years of Xena
                    134 episodes,  6 Seasons and 10 Years of Xena Fandom
                                         September 1995 - September 2005

Creation Entertainment - Official Xena Convention 2005
Artwork by Lucia Nobrega

Reports by EZ Ryder / Talking Xena

Sunday Convention Report

Thursday / Friday Convention Report
Saturday Convention Report

Sunday, the final con day. I left off on my last report, where I went to bed around midnight. I woke up a little after 2am and could not get back to sleep. Man, was I upset, as I knew I was going to miss things because I had no energy at all. There was no way in hell I was going to miss the Charity breakfast though, and me & HB got there around 8:00. Breakfast was still being served and the stars hadn't started their rounds yet. Perfect!

I was very happy to see that some of our TX buddies had a table with 2 saved seats for us. How cool was that! Thanks again guys! SW, Em, Adrummer, Redly, Andy, BardKC, and GabEgrrl were there. We got our breakfast, and talked till the stars started the rounds. Between gawking at Hudson & Ted, I almost got a whiplash from my spinning head, lol.

Gillian was the first to show up I believe, and she was very friendly. She talked about how she just got married, and we all congratulated her. She asked us where we were from, and most of us where from quite a distance away. She laughed and said she was 15 minutes from the hotel. I said 'Lucky you', lol. She hung out for a few minutes, then moved on. Very nice she was.

I think David was next, and he was very upbeat & chatty. I walked over to him to thank him for that special note he wrote me. He looked confused for a half a second, then said, "Oh! Your the sickie? Who's the one who got the autograph?" So HB stood up and told him it was her, and he remembered then. I took his hand and gave it a little squeeze, and told him that was very nice of him, and I really appreciated it. He squeezed my hand back and said 'Your welcome', and that he was glad to do it. The man is such a sweetheart! He had to leave then, and I was sorry to see him go.

Im not sure who showed up next, just that Hudson & Ted were getting closer and closer. My head was spinning back & forth once again, gawking, lol. I think Hudson showed up first. She had just walked over to our table, and the con person who was taking her from table to table tried to take her to another one. Hudson told the person she had just got here, and was staying for a few minutes. Thank you Hudson! She talked with us for a minute or two, and I managed to spit out that she was my favorite character on the show. She looked me right in the eyes, and gave me a very warm and sincere 'Thank you.' <swoon> One thing I noticed about Hudson, when you talk to her, her attention is totally focused on you. She makes you feel like your important and that you matter. I love that woman! <g> She couldn't stay long, as she told us she didn't make it to all the tables at last year's con, and wanted to be sure to make them all this year. Always thinking of the fans, she is. Good on ya, Hudson! I want to add that on the screen she is beautiful, but in person she is drop dead stunningly gorgeous! Wow!


Ted came over then, and beyond saying 'Hi' to him, I don't remember what was said. He was talking to Em at one point, so maybe she will tell us what was said. I did see when I got my pics back, that one was a shot of me & Ted at the table and he had his arm around me, so whoever took that pic, thank you! I love it!

I think Jennifer was next, and after all the hello's were said, I asked her how Micheal was. She started laughing and said that Micheal was home watching the kids. It was MOMS turn to party, MOMS turn to have some fun. Lol. I hope she had a ball. <g>

Paris was next, and she was standing behind me. I was surprised when I saw her there and said , "OH HI! Have a seat!" I scooted over and she sat down. I took my pic of her, and have no idea what was said after that, lol. Fellow table mates, if you have anything to add, please do so. <g>

It was time for Hudson's photo op then, and me & HB got in line. Im glad HB told us to get there early, as the line behind us was long. When it was my turn, Hudson smiled at me & said, 'Come on in, the waters fine." Im trying not to swoon and I go sit next her. She puts one arm around me, and she's rubbing up and down my arm with her free hand. I know now what Heaven is, lol. So we take the pic, way to fast for me, lol, and I thanked her. She said, "No, thank 'you'. I smiled and reluctantly gave up my seat. HB was next, and Hudson told her she liked her Jersey accent, and started getting touchy feely with her too. <g> If any of you ever get a chance for a photo op with Hudson, TAKE IT! She makes you feel very special when your sitting next to her, and it is worth every cent!

After me & Hb left that photo op, it was time to get in line for Renee's. There was a line going already, and they had us go stand outside. Standing in the hot sun with only 2 hours sleep was not my idea of fun, but knowing what was at the end of the line had me hang tough. <g> XenaDarFan was out there too, and me & Hb talked with her for awhile, then HB left. A con organizer came out to tell us Renee was running a bit late, and to make sure we were all right in the sun. He said there would be a surprise for us too. A short while later, Renee herself drove by us. She was talking on her cell, and waved to us as she went by. That alone made it worth my wait in the sun. <g> She pulled over at the end of the sidewalk, and Sharon came out to help her and bring her inside. Ten minutes later, the line started moving. As I got closer to the photo op room, I noticed people were walking out either wearing 1000 watt smiles, or were all teary eyed and choked up. When I got in the room I saw why, and I started smiling that 1000 watt smile myself. Renee looked absolutely gorgeous, and seeing her in that MWF wedding dress was such a treat! I surprised myself by actually being able to talk when it was my turn, lol. I said 'Hi Renee," and she said very softly, "Hi." I sat down and she took hold of my hands to position them with the bouquet of flowers, and I thanked her doing this. She said 'Your welcome', very softly again. When the picture was taken I looked her in the eyes and told her it was nice meeting her. She kept the eye contact going, <what a thrill to be able to look in to those beautiful eyes>, and said it was nice meeting me too, softly again. I walked out the door with that huge smile on my face, and gave a thumbs up to the camera man who was filming us as we walked out. It is a experience I will never forget. Thank you Renee!

After that photo op, I went back to my room as I was very, very tired. I didn't make it to the con again till it was time for my Ted photo op, around 4 hours later. I missed the guests that day, and the puppet show. I was upset about that, but consoled myself by knowing I had met them any way, and talked with them. I did pretty much all I wanted to, so it was all good. HB was in the room too, as she was as beat as I was. We got some food and relaxed.

Time for my Ted photo op. I went and got in line, and got a kick out of hearing Ted talk with the other fans. He was very funny. When it was my turn, I just said Hi, he said Hi back, got the picture taken and left. Went to the con lobby and walked around a bit, before going in to the con. Talked with Em, SW, Bard & Andy for a bit, then went to my seat when Ted came on. Im a HUGE Ted fan, so I was thrilled to see him. He was quite funny. One question was when did he think fans stopped hating Joxer so much. He thought for a minute and said it was after the audience realized he wasn't a alpha male. He said the guys wanted to see girl on girl, and didn't want to see a guy around. He said the girls wanted to see girl on girl, and didn't want to see a guy around. When they realized Xena & Gabrielle had to save 'him', and not the other way around, it went over better.

He was asked to sing the Joxer the Mighty song, and didn't want to do it. The audience didn't like that, me included,lol, and we showed our displeasure. Ted said ok, but only if some folks from the audience would come up and sing it with him. One person who went up was our very own Emilia. Go Em!

Ted said he would be on CSI:New York, as someone who is in to bondage & sex toys. He wouldn't go in to details because there was kids in the audience, and it was adult content. Guess we will have to watch for our selves. <g>

He talked about T money <from season 4 dvd set 'cabin fever'> and how he came up with that. I dont remember it exactly, so someone correct me if Im wrong please. A friend of his, who was the whitest guy he knew, was in to rap, and they used to joke around about it. This guy died, and Ted did it as a tribute to him.

Ted asked how many of us were not from California. Looks like most raised their hands.. Ted said something like, "You guys have come from all over the world and the show ended four years ago. You know what that means? You guys are a cult!" That statement was met with much approval. Then he said we were like the moonies, and he hoped we knew that Oxygen is also something that you breath. LOL!

Ted was funny auctioning off the Jett costume. He put it on, and rubbed it all over saying it was fine Corinthian leather, lol. He even bid on it himself at one point, for 250$. It went for around 600$, or maybe a little more. The bidding was funny as 2 women in different parts of the room were bidding against each other at one point, and after a bit of this one woman screamed out, "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!" to the other one, lol.

It was a great time, and I was sad to see it end. After that, time for Teds auto. The line wasn't to long because they called out for people with tickets numbered 1 - 25 to get in line first. I was surprised to learn I had the first auto ticket for Ted sold. I thought that 1 on it meant one ticket or something, lol. Jenn <Aresgirl> was in line near me, and she had the #2 ticket. It was funny knowing we got our tickets at the same time. <g>

I got my auto, and hung around a bit then, talked with some TXers. Some good by hugs were given and it was sad. I walked out in to the lobby, and saw all the tables being taken down. That was sad to me too, as it meant this wonderful weekend was really over. Me & Hb sat outside with BardKC for awhile, and saw other friends roaming around, and said our good bys to some. Others we would meet in the morning before we left. We went back to our room around 9 or so, and the convention was really over then. So sad to see it end, but what a great time it was. The one word used most to describe the show, fits this convention here too. It was magic...........


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