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Behind Sight
Several years after settling down in the story "Enough", Gabrielle decides revisiting her early journeys with Xena might provide more accurate directions for a new generation of heroes.

A Fly in the Ointment
Gabrielle seems to be living the life Xena dreamed for her in the previous post-series finale story “The Ghost of A Smile,” but with some problems and possibilities neither of them expected.  Continues in “Suns of The Passed.”

Echoes of the Battling Bard
A wannabe storyteller interested in Gabrielle and Xena meets someone who teaches him that the line dividing dream from reality can be as tough as it is thin.

Just Be Ready
Fills the gap in this ep between the time Xena is freed from the dungeon and when she says at the palace pool, “Don’t thank me, just be ready” for Gabrielle to have her vengeance. 

My Dance With The Devil: Reflections on Heart of Darkness
Captures that pivotal moment in HEART OF DARKNESS, when Xena sensuously entices Gabrielle and Lucifer to experience the sinful pleasures of hell.

Scrrritch Scratch
Imagines Xena and Gabrielle in their “golden years,”
wondering what might be missing or worth preserving in their lives.  Continues in “Everywhere, One and Eternal.”

So Far: Reflections on "Maternal Instincts"
The first of three episode-focused “Reflections” that imagine in-the-moment thoughts of Xena and Gabrielle during key stages of their relationship. 

So Close, So Far: Reflections on "Crusader"
second of three episode-focused “Reflections” that imagine in-the-moment thoughts of Xena and Gabrielle during key stages of their relationship.

So Close: Reflections on Ides of March
The last of three episode-focused “Reflections” that imagine in-the-moment thoughts of Xena and Gabrielle during key stages of their relationship. 

The Ghost Of A Smile
Begins shortly after the events portrayed in the series finale A FRIEND IN NEED and explores Gabrielle’s coming to terms with Xena’s promise never to leave her soulmate.  Continues in “A Fly in the Ointment” and “Suns of The Passed.”

Under Other Circumstances
Initially trying to relax and solve a mystery, our girls end up discovering more than they wanted to know about the meaning of justice, sacrifice and friendship.

Until We Meet Again
A brief encounter between two young people that may have helped shaped the destinies of a warrior and bard whose partnership changed the world. 

When Xena Was More Than Herself
Gabrielle encounters mixed results and a mysterious enemy when she seeks help from the Amazons in handling a Warrior Princess who seems to be living her past and future in unexpected ways

When Xena Was Not Quite Herself
Gabrielle’s wry “inside view” of what it was really like traveling with a pregnant Warrior Princess.

Will You Still Love Me Yesterday
Our girls confront a “what if” scenario spun between the end of WHEN FATES COLLIDE and the beginning of DEBT I.

Delves into the minds of a warrior and peasant girl who change the course of each other’s lives during the “teaser” for SINS OF THE PAST.

Trying Fun
Xena and Gabrielle must deal with "growing pains" that surface in their relationship after fighting the Horde and will later develop into the full-blown "rift" of season three.

Xena experiences life without Gabrielle, who freezes during a melee and decides to return home in the first season episode THE PRODIGAL.

Some months after she begins traveling with Xena, Gabrielle meets a man from the warrior’s past who teaches the companions a lesson about keeping secrets from each other.

Everywhere, One and Eternal (Sequel to Scrrritch Scratch)
This sequel records from a variety of viewpoints the adventure a middle-aged Xena and Gabrielle prepared to embark on at the end of the story “Scrrritch Scratch.”

Bridge Over Troubled Waters
Cyrene has sensitive chats with Xena and Gabrielle near the end of SINS OF THE PAST, after she’s forgiven her warrior daughter and before Gabrielle appears unbidden at Xena’s camp

What She Sees
Ares keeps tabs on Xena after he nearly wins her back in TIES THAT BIND, puzzling over why she continues to resist him and hoping she’ll see the ridiculousness of her budding partnership with Gabrielle.

Greener Pastures: A Horse's Tale
Argo recalls meeting the intriguing warrior she carries into SINS OF THE PAST and her initial impressions of the puzzling smaller human who soon begins traveling with them

The Dark Bird
Shortly after they begin traveling together, Gabrielle's innocent questions force Xena to reexamine her nightmares as the dark side of her dreams.

The Ghosts Inside
In this story set between seasons 2&3, Gabrielle helps Xena and the Amazons reconcile horrific events revealed in season 4’s ADVENTURES IN THE SIN TRADE.

When Xena Was Callisto
When the Warrior Princess remains trapped in the body of her worst nemesis, Gabrielle must prove to herself, angry villagers and Xena that the killer on trial is actually a different person.

It Could Be Worse
Xena and Gabrielle weather a few ripples in their new friendship immediately following their experiences in the second episode, "Chariots of War."

Their more active years behind them, Xena and Gabrielle spend some quality time enjoying what they have and preparing for the future. 

Some Kind of Hero (Complete)
Prior to the episode that introduces her, Callisto puzzles over what to do about the warlord who "made" her and has suddenly switched to performing good deeds.  The story also makes particular reference to THE RECKONING, TIES THAT BIND and THE GREATER GOOD.

My Mother's Eyes (Complete)
Solan reflects on his lineage, beginning with ORPHAN OF WAR, through MATERNAL INSTINCTS and at the end of BITTER SUITE. 

Fifty Winters Ago
A middle-aged Xena and Gabrielle find themselves reprising roles from their past, after receiving a mysterious invitation from Cleades, the baby-to-man monarch of season four’s "Key To The Kingdom."

Two Thousand Winters Ahead (Complete) by Iseqween
A detour on the journey home from their 25th anniversary adventure in the previous "Fifty Winters Ago" offers Gabrielle and Xena an extraordinary chance to rediscover themselves.

Greener Pastures Two: A Horse's Tale End (Complete) by Iseqween
Argo reviews the highs and lows of her life with the humans she adopted in IseQween's "Greener Pastures: A Horse's Tale." There are references to several "XENA" episodes from seasons 1-5.

Show Me (Complete)
A young runaway bears witness to events that turn Xena toward becoming the Destroyer of Nations, as revealed in the episode DESTINY.

Mirror Mine (Complete)
One of Xena’s first fans reflects on the unwanted lesson she received about the benefits and perils of hero worship during the episode A DAY IN THE LIFE.

Proud Warrioress... Thos Legs! (Complete)
A master at merchandising frauds, Salmoneus discovers benefits of the real thing from his encounters with a warlord who isn’t quite the "knock-off" she seems. In addition to XENA episodes, the following draws on the HERCULES trilogy "Warrior Princess," "The Gauntlet" and "Unchained Heart."

Spoiled (Complete)
The spirit Tataka gets more than she bargained for when she takes possession of Gabrielle in the fourth season episode DEVI. Thanks to Mashy for her always helpful nitpicks.

Not Yet (Complete)
Still on their way home from the unscheduled 25th anniversary trip they embarked on in the story "Fifty Winters Ago" and continued in "Two-Thousand Winters Ahead," Xena and Gabrielle get the most out of their maturity when they run into trouble that underestimates "The Grandma Brigade."

Snow and Tell (Complete)
Early in their relationship, concerned about how life at her side may change Gabrielle, Xena suggests a getaway that isn’t quite as relaxing as she’d hoped.

Payback (Complete)
A few months after Season 2’s THE QUEST, an injured Gabrielle brings out a surprisingly different Warrior Princess.

Something New, Something Old (Complete)
Shortly after events in the story "Not Yet," Gabrielle questions Xena’s perturbing response to perceptions the legendary duo are too dead or too old to aid a village in distress.

An Honorable Death (Complete)
A moment of faith before she perishes in RETURN OF CALLISTO ironically lets Xena's most notorious victim exact posthumous revenge. 

Worth The Trouble (Complete)
Early in their friendship, before HOOVES AND HARLOTS, Gabrielle worries her time with Xena might be running out.

Worth The Pain (Complete)
Xena’s obsession with Alti’s fourth-season vision of Gabrielle’s death severely tests the soulmates’ bond during CRUSADER, PAST IMPERFECT and PARADISE FOUND.

My Gift (Complete)
Senticles recounts his reluctant transformation from harbinger of bad news into herald of cheer and generosity during the second season's A SOLSTICE CAROL

No, I'm Xena (complete)
Xena’s disappearance between SACRIFICE 2 and A FAMILY AFFAIR creates new heroes to carry on in her image.

Part Deux (Complete)
Xena and Gabrielle work through some post-obsession issues following Aphrodite’s mischief in the third season episode FINS, FEMMES AND GEMS. I dedicate this fish … um … story to "Momma ROC." -- IQ

A Family Repair (Complete)
Gabrielle and Xena aren't the only ones dealing with the aftermath of the fourth season's A FAMILY AFFAIR.

Soul Food (Complete)
Xena cautiously accepts a traveling companion as she prepares to journey away from SINS OF THE PAST.

Still: My Will, My Way, My Warrior (Complete)
Lao Ma reminisces about experiences that led her to rescue and seek partnership with the physically and emotionally crippled young female warlord portrayed in the episodes DEBT I and II, whom Caesar helped create in DESTINY. For Dany.

God Backwards (Complete)
Horace gives his canine perspective on the 6th season’s OLD ARES HAD A FARM, in which the former God of War must adjust to the mortal state he chose to save Xena in MOTHERHOOD.

I Could Sing (Complete)
Set between and after the second season’s first two eps ORPHAN OF WAR and REMEMBER NOTHING, this story was inspired by Lucy Lawless during her participation in Celebrity Duets.

Like You (Complete)
The following takes place between the early first season episodes CHARIOTS OF WAR and DREAMWORKER, shortly before Gabrielle sneaks off to practice with Xena's sword and buy the breast dagger Xena confiscates and turns into her own signature concealed weapon.

The Molting (Complete)
When Xena goes over the top to show she’s not too over the hill, Gabrielle provokes an examination of what’s important about re-creating themselves at this later stage in their lives.  In celebration of 60 winters.
Xippy Award Winner 10/31/06

First Solstice, Second Thoughts...
Their experiences early on in DREAMWORKER and CRADLE OF HOPE inspire Xena and Gabrielle to appreciate what they might miss without the other’s eye for a good bargain.  

Roxy (Complete)
Early in the fourth season, Gabrielle and Xena encounter a market that leads each to wonder if the other has taken browsing a little too far. In honor of a real-life self-shopping devotee, who committed to unwrapping another of her many gifts during the January 2007 XWP Convention.

Endless (Complete)
Various generations offer clues to Gabrielle’s concerns about the long-term impact of her scrolls. The following makes reference to events in my stories "Suns of The Passed," "Fifty Winters Ago" and "Two Thousand Winters Ahead."

One Woman Too Much (Complete/Alt)
In her eagerness to tackle the trouble Xena hinted at a few days earlier, when they began traveling together after SINS OF THE PAST, Gabrielle reminds them why they needn’t look far beyond each other to find it.

Well, Lyceus by Iseqween
Emotions provoked at the end of the Season One episode DEATH IN CHAINS lead Xena to reflect on what she’s lost, discovered and gained.

Sweet Thing
In the alternate life the Fates rewarded Xena during the early second season episode REMEMBER NOTHING, someone else gets the chance to experience life without a Warrior Princess and to change her destiny.

Ties That Blind
At the conclusion of Season One’s TIES THAT BIND, Xena and Gabrielle ponder personal questions left over from their previous encounter with Ares in THE RECKONING.

Xena faces hurdles from the past and present as she tries to adjust to the life Gabrielle created before the warrior’s resurrection in Japa. The following makes reference to Season 4-6 episodes, as well as events and characters introduced in "A Fly In The Ointment," "Suns of The Passed" and "Love’s Therapy."  Thanks to Cousin Liz for planting the seed for this story.

Two Breaths of Wind (Complete)
Some 15 years or so after they settle down in the story "Enough," Xena and Gabrielle weather internal and external turbulence in their relatively peaceful co-existence.

Missing (Complete)
Xena’s return to life “pure” at the end of the Season Five opener FALLEN ANGEL forces her and others to grapple with personal issues beyond their mission to prevent the war gods Ares and Kal from getting their hands on the “light” chakram in the follow-up episode. This story also makes reference to the later SEEDS OF FAITH.

Raindrops on Roses
In this third season Solstice story set immediately after ONE AGAINST AN ARMY, Xena and Gabrielle seek to reclaim some of the joy and innocence lost since their encounter with Senticles a year earlier.

Reach (Complete)
Our girls explore a more traditional version of “normal” after helping Xena’s childhood friend Flora defeat a tyrant in the Season One episode THE BLACK WOLF.

No Good Deed
Our heroines process an unsettling new trend in their journeys, after Xena survives a poison dart in Season One’s THE GREATER GOOD, just before discovering the possible source in CALLISTO.

Maybe It Was The Rooster
When Gabrielle accepts a mission Xena hates, they learn how quickly a middle-aged hero can slide to the level of a 10 year old.  Dedicated to G’ail.

Extra Credit
After “Something New, Something Old,” Gabrielle and Xena reconsider their notion of semi-retirement, given the succession of adventures that began interrupting their attempts to celebrate 25 years together in “Fifty Winters Ago.”  For Gwen/Widget.

Heart Rules, Soul Matters (Classic)
A couple months or so into her new life of adventure, Gabrielle chafes at sitting on the sidelines and determines to keep her “help” from rubbing Xena the wrong way.   

Witch Way to Paradise (Classic)
As Solstice approaches in Season Four, Xena considers unsettling parallels between the fairy tale she contributed to in IF THE SHOE FITS and Alti’s vision of Gabrielle’s death, which continues to haunt them in the subsequent PARADISE FOUND and India arc, culminating in IDES OF MARCH.

Once A Warrior (Classic)
Middle-aged Gabrielle and Xena weathered knowing each other too well in “Two Breaths of Wind,” but must suffer through the opposite after a stormy voyage forces them to drift apart.   For ma soeur.

Anybody's Girl (Classic)
Meg recounts the highlights of her checkered journey from lowlife to midlife.

Opportunity Knocks (Classic)
Early in their journeys, Gabrielle bumps into reminders of the life she left behind, as had Xena during the second episode CHARIOTS OF WAR.

The Best In Me (Classic)
In the Season 3 Solstice story “Raindrops on Roses,” Gabrielle and Xena try to make the best of their near-death experiences in THE BITTER SUITE and ONE AGAINST AN ARMY.  The following continuation explores different ways others take the heroic partners’ presumed demise as a gift.  For Cousin Liz and Nancy G

Free To Die, Bound To Live (Classic)
In the aftermath of LOCKED UP, TIED DOWN, Xena and Gabrielle sail away from Shark Island Prison on troubled waters the two must navigate as an inescapable element of their journey together.



Janice & Mel  
  A Scroll in Time
As Season Two’s THE XENA SCROLLS concludes, Janice Covington and Melinda Pappas find themselves continuing a different saga, begun in the stories “Two Thousand Winters Ahead” and “Done There, Been That.”

Gone Today, Hair Tomorrow
Forced to adapt to the 21st century-world Alti transported them to in SEND IN THE CLONES, Xena and Gabrielle experience new opportunities to explore life, their respective selves and each other.

Post FIN Fic  

Suns of the Passed
Gabrielle returns to Japa, where both she and Xena face uncertain consequences of the love and honor that melded their legendary partnership in defense of the greater good.  The third in a post-series arc, it follows “The Ghost of A Smile” and “A Fly in The Ointment.”

War's Surrender
Pits Ares against Aphrodite in a heated debate provoked by Xena's actions in A FRIEND IN NEED

What Stories Are For
Gabrielle reminisces about some key scenes we didn't see in the series finale.  The companion piece to "What Stories Are For Too," which is from Xena's perspective

What Stories Are For Too
Imagines Xena’s thoughts as she fights what may be her last battle, as portrayed in the series finale.  Companion piece to Gabrielle’s reflections of similar events in “What Stories Are For.” 

Love's Therapy (Complete)
Gabrielle and Xena seek Aphrodite's help with a "personal" problem shortly after events depicted in IseQween's post-finale story "Suns of the Passed."  It refers to several episodes, particularly PUNCH LINES, THE GOD YOU KNOW and YOU ARE THERE

55 Word Stories  
  1. Girl Talk
  2. Seasons
  3. Silver Lining
  4. Perfect
  5. Perfect II
  6. Perfect III
  7. Double Cross
  8. They Say
  10. Moth
  11. Nostalgia
  12. Exchange


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