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Fan Fiction Listed by Author - W
Weimer, Lisa Dana's Daring Do Classic/Gen
Weiner, Rebecca   The Reward (GEN) Classic
Weiss, Shari A Time to Heal Classic
Wiggins, Marcella I Will Always Love You Uber
Wildbard When Love Is Found - Part 1-7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 (Final) Classic
As The Bard Squirms Classic
Wilson, Catherine M. & Trifilo, Donna E. After the Honeymoon Series Classic
Surprise (ALT) Classic
Partners in Grime (ALT) Classic
Joxer The Mighty (ALT) Classic
Sex and Violence (ALT) Classic
Reality Check (ALT) Classic
Co-dependent No More (ALT) Classic
12 Steps To Mycenae (ALT) Classic
Spring Chicken (ALT) Classic
Who's On Top (ALT) Classic
Winterburn, Pat The City of Lost Angels Clonefic
Snow, Hot Chocolate & You Uber
A Word To The Wise Uber
Jennifer Cassidy - Deceased Uber
Immortality and Greek Wizardry Clonefic
Taking In Strays Uber
  Detective Amanda Ellis - Chapter 10 - Through Kevin's Eyes Uber
  Detective Amanda Ellis - Part 4 (Don't Mess With Texas) (Conclusion)  
  Avery Stephens, Maintenance Wizard Uber
Winters, CN Loss of Virginity (ALT) Classic
Moment of Truth (ALT) Classic
Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace (ALT) Classic
The Contest (ALT) Classic
The Play (ALT) Classic
The Queen, The Regent, The Warrior (ALT) Classic
Family Ties (ALT) Classic
The End (Alt) Classic
Dueling Cousins (Alt) Classic
A Conversation By Campfire - Part 1-2 | 3 | 4 | 5 Classic
The Homecoming Series Classic
Homecoming - Part I (ALT) | II Classic
Coming Home (ALT) Classic
Home Sweet Home 1 | 2 Classic
No Place Like Home 1 | 2 Classic
Home At Last (Alt) Classic
  Changes of Heart Series  
Betrayal - Changes of Heart Series 1. Classic
Denial - Changes of Heart Series 2. Classic
Acceptance - Changes of Heart Series 3. Classic
Strife - Changes of Heart Series 4. Classic
Astonishment - Changes of Heart Series 5. Classic
Explanations - Changes of Heart Series 6. Classic
Sidekicks - Changes of Heart Series 7. Classic
Confessions - Changes of Heart Series 8. Classic
Knowledge - Changes of Heart Series 9. Classic
Complications - Changes of Heart Series 10. Classic
Truths - - Changes of Heart Series 11. Classic
Decisions - Changes of Heart Series 12. Classic
Telling Tales - Changes of Heart Series 13. Classic
Confrontations - Changes of Heart Series 14. Classic
Battleplans - Changes of Heart Series 15. Classic
Conversations - Changes of Heart Series 16. Classic
Reckoning - Changes of Heart Series 17. Classic
Favors - Changes of Heart Series 18. Classic
Choices - Changes of Heart Series 19. Classic
Realization - Changes of Heart Series 20. Classic
Challenges - Changes of Heart Series 21. Classic
Reservations - Changes of Heart Series 22. Classic
Inebriation - Changes of Heart Series 23. Classic
Reunited (Final part of the series) Classic
  Bonding of Souls Series  
Homeward Bound - Bonding of Souls Series 1. Classic
Grief - Bonding of Souls Series 2. Classic
Into the Heart - Bonding of Souls Series 3. Classic
A Good Day's Vengeance - Bonding of Souls Series 4. Classic
After the Storm - Bonding of Souls Series 5. Classic
Filling Voids - Bonding of Souls Series 6. Classic
Moving Forward - Bonding of Souls Series 7. Classic
Sleep to Dream - Bonding of Souls Series 8. Classic
Down Home - Bonding of Souls Series 9. Classic
Amazon Queens  - Bonding of Souls Series 10. Classic
Technical Difficulties - Bonding of Souls Series 11. Classic
Empathy Nest - Bonding of Souls Series 12. Classic
Testing Faith - Bonding of Souls Series 13. Classic
To New Heights - Bonding of Souls Series 14. Classic
Soul Reunited - Bonding of Souls Series 15. Classic
A Friend Indeed Classic
The Magic of Egypt (ALT) Mel & Janice
November 29, 1942 (Alt) Mel & Janice
Magic of Paris (Alt) Mel & Janice
Little Moments: A Day In the Desert Mel & Janice
Casablanca Uber
Winters, CN & Novan, T. Something To Talk About (Alt) Classic
Henbane, Horsenappings and other Obstacles Classic
Withercross, Claire As the Stomach Turns Classic
Impressions Classic
The Adventures of Gabrielle (and some other person) Classic
In the Name of Love Classic
A Near Life Experience Classic
A Near Life Experience Two Classic
Pillow Talk Classic
Random Thoughts 1: Bridge Classic
Random Thoughts 2: Living With the Big Lie Classic
Random Thoughts 3: Runaway Classic
Random Thoughts 4: Mad Classic
Random Thoughts 5: Hard as Love Classic
Random Thoughts 6: Hollow Classic
Random Thoughts 7: Alone Again Classic
Random Thoughts 8: Paper Lies Classic
Random Thoughts 9: Brave Classic
Random Thoughts 10: The Great Escape Classic
Random Thoughts - Conclusion: Made Again Classic
The Release Classic
I Will Remember Classic
Incommunicado Classic
The Case of the Missing Snowman Classic
A Stranger in the Garden Classic
Waiting to Happen Classic
Warm Wet Circles Classic
Winter Trees Classic
Cross Words Classic
Hanging Gabrielle Classic
Love On the Ocean Wave Classic
As The Camera Turns Uber
A Bard's Convenient DIY Erotic Fiction Generator Uber
The Adventures of Gabrielle (and some other person) - Part 2 - A Great Blow for a Day Job Classic
WordWarior Truth Or Dare Classic
  Bad Sex Classic
  Eternal Bliss Classic
  A Bedtime Story Uber
  Games Classic
  Just Another Dead Warlord Classic
  Jungle Reign Classic
  For The Love of Clich├ęs Classic
  A Night At The Theatre Classic
  The Testament Classic
  The Warrior's Journal Classic
  Who Are You, Gabrielle Classic
  Who Are You, Xena Classic
  A Women With History Uber
Woulfe, Caley Last Chance Saloon (Complete) Classic
  Perdicus 1 (Complete) Classic
  I Believe In You (Complete) Uber
  Stargazing (Complete) Classic
  Perdicus 2 (Complete) Classic
  Star Struck (Unfinished) Uber
  Story Starter - A Fan Fic Parody (Complete) Uber


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