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Fan Fiction Listed by Author - F
Falcon Death Stalks Forever Classic
Forgive Thyself and Blossom Classic
I Was Not Listening Classic
Joxer's Lament Classic
Love Is No Practical Joke Classic
Please Answer Me Classic
Poseidon's Well Classic
She Stole My Heart Classic
So Lonesome I Could Cry Classic
The Fairies of the Nestos River Classic
The Quondam Stone Classic
The Red Star Scroll Classic
The Scent of Xena Classic
The Widow Classic
Where Water Falls Classic
Your Name Is Mud Classic


Fantimbard Home Sweet Home Classic
Legend of the Last Amazon 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 - 13 Classic
Nala's Gift Classic
On The Road Again Classic
She Has My Eyes Classic
The Little Thief of Hearts Classic
Felioness Tribute of Love Classic
For the Love of Gaia Uber
The Amphipolis Expedition Uber
  Solstice of Redemption Classic
Ferdig, Brandi Coming Home Classic
Fiorella, Linda The Healing Fires (Alt) Classic
Firebaugh, A. J. Reclamation Classic
Firestorm Baklava (Gen) Classic
Flashheart, Filippa Morgan Second Stringer Classic
FlyBigD A New Day
What Mom Doesn't Know, Won't Kill Her
What Dad Doesn't Know, Won't Get Him Killed
Hot Bath and a Bed
Soul Salvation
Plan D Series
Why You Need a Plan D (Revised)
Bodies Change, Love Never Dies
A Test of Faith
Saving Grace
Brain Damaged and Loving It
Palomino Heart
Ancient Secrets A
Ancient Secrets - Chapter B
Ancient Secrets - Chapter C
Ancient Secrets - Chapter D
Ancient Secrets - Chapter E
Ancient Secrets - Chapter F
Ancient Secrets - Chapter G
Back in Black?
Trouble With a Capital T
Don't Say The 'V' Word
Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction
(XIPPY Award Winner)
The Reason Why
Monday Night Free-For-All
Damn Boxers
This Love
The Bridge 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 Classic
The Messenger 1 | 2 Classic
The Wish
One Too Many Blondes
A Shot Won't Cure This
Lessons to Survive By
Choices and Chances
Bundle of Joy
Community Property
Change of Heart

Welcome to Paradise 1 | 2-3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7- 8

And We Did Classic
Happy Captives Uber
Foster, Vada A Quest of a Different Colour (Alt) Classic
Full Circle (Alt) Classic
Out Of This Darkness (Alt) Classic
Poetic Justice (Alt) Classic
These Dreams (Alt) Uber
Fox, L. A Bard's Faith Classic
All In a Year's Work: Spring Classic
All In A Year's Work: Winter Classic
Beloved Enemy Classic
I Remember Classic
It Takes a Thief...And a Couple of Sidekicks Classic
It's an ill Wind Classic
Reflections of a Heart Most Pure Classic
Scraps: Ghosts, Gabby, and Good-byes Classic
The Adventures of Young Ephiny: Coming of Age Classic
The Adventures of Young Ephiny: Episode Two - Ephiny Alone Classic
The Cage of Elysis Classic
The Vigil Classic
The Warrior's Lament Classic
Three Wishes for Gabrielle Classic
Janice & Mel: The War Years - A Last Little Thing Mel & Janice
Janice & Mel: The War Years - Traitors In Our Midst Mel & Janice
Mistress of the Two Lands Mel & Janice
Take Two Tablets and Call Me In the Morning Mel & Janice
The Favor Mel & Janice
Blood Ties Uber
Buccaneer Xena Uber
Buccaneer Xena: The Sea-quel Uber
Cold War Uber
Eternal Warrior Uber
Haah Noon Uber
It's Hard to Be a Bard Uber
Lucy & the Moon Men Uber
The Unmentionables Uber
When Xena Came to O-Town Uber
Xena: Warrior Quaterback Uber
The Adventures of Young Ephiny: The Challenge Classic
  Adventures of Young Ephiny - Episode 5: Two Journeys Classic
Franke, R The Man Who Killed Xena Classic
Twilight Classic
Freebard The Mind of Love (Gen) Classic
Soulmates Poem
Friction Awakenings (Alt) Classic
Callisto's Antidote (Alt) Classic
Enchanted Again? (Alt) Classic
Fire and Ice (Alt) Classic
Somewhere In Time (Alt) Classic
The Enchantment? (Alt) Classic
Wet Dreams (Alt) Classic
Froggles Turning Point (Alt) Classic
Fuller, Caina Q. Moving On (Post FIN Fic) Post FIN Fic
Sad Tidings (Post FIN Fic) Post FIN Fic
Barefoot in the Sand Classic
Because I Love Her Classic
Blame It On The Wine Classic
Growing Up "Livia" 1 | 2-3 | 4-9 Classic
Studies in Light: Chapter 1: Separation of Soul Mates Classic
Studies in Light - Chapter 2: The First Glimmers of Hope Classic
Studies in Light - Chapter 3: Entrapment Classic
Studies in Light - Chapter 4: Evenings Love Classic
Studies in Light - Chapter 5: Calming the Storm Classic
Studies in Light - Chapter 6 (Conclusion) Classic
What I'm Trying To Say... Classic
I Can’t Make Love With You Classic
  Forever Connected Post FIN Fic
Don't Mess With My Girl Classic
Xena / Callisto

Girl With A Chakram - Parts 1 & 2 (Unfinished)
Eve summons Gabrielle, who has been fighting in Egypt since Xena’s death, to Amphipolis. Greece is falling apart under strange storms caused by a threat that no one may be able to stop, not even the new carrier of the Chakram

Post FIN Fic

The Heart of the Matter - Part 1 | 2 (Unfinished) by Caina Fuller
Augustus Caesar has retaken power in Rome, and he wants Eve to return, either as his wife, or as his warrior. To make sure she will give in to his demands, he orders Ledricles, a promising warrior who wants everything Eve walked away from in Rome (especially Caesar), to kidnap Virgil. Now Eve must return to fight in the Arena, or agree to be Augustusís wife. If she does not choose, Virgil will pay the price with with his life, and so will every Elijan in the known world.

Classic / Eve


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