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Fan Fiction Listed by Author - C
Candy Desperate Measures Uber
Extreme Measures 1-2 | 3 | 4 Uber
Carrie's AJ Carpe Doodah Uber
Fast Fling Uber
Hell On High Heels Uber
Lust's Journey Uber
The Family Curse Uber
Stun Gun Shy Uber
Carrie's AJ & Carrie Carr Present Tense Classic
Future Tense Classic
Carrie Carr Past Tense Classic
Destiny's Bridge Uber
Faith's Crossing Uber
Hope's Path Uber
In The Blink of an Eye Uber
Love's Journey Uber
Something To Be Thankful For 1 | 2 | 3 | 4-5 | 6-7 | 8 | 9 Uber
Strength of the Heart Uber
The Greatest Gift - 1 2 3 4-6 Uber
Cat Amazon Fate Classic
Backstage Classic
Berries Classic
Conversations Classic
Strength of Souls Classic
Cath, Bard A Dream of Dragons Classic
And 'Round We Go - Again Classic
Another Solstice Classic
Blood Reckoning Classic
Control Classic
Hearts and Warriors Classic
Her Soulmate's Scrolls Classic
In The Company of Tigers Classic
Night Promise Classic
Possessed Classic
Prunin Classic
Tantricks Classic
Tears and Diamonds: Goodbye to Love Classic
The Healer's Kiss Classic
The Nightmare Scrolls Classic
Until We Die Classic
Winged Goddess Classic
A Friend In Deed (Post FIN Fic) Post FIN Fic
We Need A Little Solstice (Post FIN Fic) Post FIN Fic
Machine Dreams Uber
Professional Standards 1: The Introduction Uber
Professional Standards II: Season of the Battered Bard Uber
Professional Standards III: Endings and Beginnings Uber
Wise Words in Any Age Post FIN Fic
Cloning Around At the Polls CloneFic
Cath, Bard & Skylark Amazon Liberties - The Discovery Uber
Chakram The Forgiving (Gen) Classic
Chellew, Candace  And One To Grow On (Alt) Classic
Camilla (Alt) Classic
If it Had Been a Snake... (Alt) Classic
Ministrations (Alt) Classic
The Wall (Alt) Classic
Things That Go Hump In The Night (Alt) Classic
Chris M A Very Special Moment in the Life Classic
Delaying Velaska Classic
Iolaus' Unforgettable Festival Classic
  Deus Ex Gabrielle : The Author's Cut Classic
Christian, David S.  Of Glyphs and Gods Classic
Connell, Joseph The Long Road Home
What if the Thirteenth Colony was real?  What would they look like?  And what would they make of their cousins from the stars?
Battlestar Galactica
Constare A Scroll By Its Paper (Alt) Classic
Cory, Dana Ubermadness - The Lost Episodes Uber
Corsaro, Rose The Return Post FIN Fic
Beneath Twinkling Stars Classic
A Day of Memories Made Classic
Wanderlust Classic
Broken Hearts Classic
A Matter of Trust Classic
When The Time Comes Classic
A Little Piece of Parchment Classic
In The Beginning Classic
  The Greatest Gift Classic
  The Arrival Classic
  Finding Yourself Uber
  An Opened Heart Uber
Costa, Marie E. A Lesson Learned (Sins of The Past) (Gen) Classic
Campfire Thoughts (Dreamworker) (Gen) Classic
Childhood Remembered (The Black Wolf) (Gen) Classic
First Steps (Sins of the Past) (Gen) Classic
Friends Sticks by Friends (The Reckoning) (Gen) Classic
Fugitives (Crade of Hope) (Gen) Classic
Gabrielle's Shock (Altared States) (Gen) Classic
Heart to Heart (Death in Chains) (Gen) Classic
Life Happens (The Greater Good) (Gen) Classic
Solitude Hurts (Chariots of War) (Gen) Classic
The Taste of Loss Classic
When Darkness Falls (Just before The Gauntlet) (Gen) Classic
When You Care Enough (Ties That Bind) (Gen) Classic
Xena's Fears (Gen) Classic
Culprit Aspen's Child Classic
Assumptions Classic
Curry, Cheyne The Pocket Watch (Post 9/11 Story) Uber


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