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Fan Fiction Listed by Author - S

Sandakat Moving On (Post FIN Fic) Post FIN Fic
Burning Time Uber
Slow Burn Uber
Scaglioni, Antonio Reflections (PDF)
Note: This story takes its cue from the episode THE XENA SCROLLS, of the tv series "Xena:Warrior Princess", and from the episode FINAL OPTIONS, of the web series "Xena Warrior Princess Subtext Virtual Seasons", but it presents only my personal depiction of Xena and Gabrielle, and it is written in the manner of a script of an SVS episode just as a tribute to the great work of that wonderful team.
Scout   The Long Way Home (ALT) Classic
Seaman, Stacia Illusions I Recall Classic
Interwoven Classic
Time Is On My Side Classic
Voices Carry Uber
El DĚa de los Muertos Post FIN Fic
Seely, Paul Surfacing Uber
Persistence of Memory Uber
Senachie Liliad Classic
On Raven's Wings Poem
Sensale, Richard Of Damsels and Demons Classic
Relics From The Future Classic
Sfurin, Lawrence The Ballad of Xena and Gabrielle Poem
Shadowsinger, Ambyrhawke Keystones In a Tapestry Classic
Letting Go Classic
Chosen Legacy Classic
The Heart Remembers - Under A Northern Moon Series Classic
A Shadow of You - Under A Northern Moon Series 2 Classic
Spirit Walkings - Under A Northern Moon Series 3 Classic
Beyond The Greater Good Post FIN Fic
How Can I Go On? Post FIN Fic
To Hate or To Thank Post FIN Fic
To Melt A Frozen Heart Uber
The Jade People Uber
Shalon The Dance Classic
Tending Her Heart Classic
sHaYcH   Debt of Life (ALT) Classic
Moral Dilemma (ALT) Classic
Orphans (ALT) Classic
Time of Vengence (ALT) Classic
Tommorrows Passed (ALT) Classic
Summer Rain (ALT) Classic
Answers (ALT) Classic
Warrior's Hands (ALT) Classic
Journeys of Perspective (ALT) Classic
Ephiny's Song (ALT) Classic
Silent Conformity Poem
Steelsong (Gabrielle)poem (ALT) Poem
Blind (Gabrielle/Xena) poem (ALT) Poem
ShoeX Above And Beyond - Parts 1-6 Uber
Silence Fixing a Betrayal Classic
Human Classic
Full Circle Classic
Echoes of a Lost Soul Classic
Souls Redemption Classic
The Heart of Aphrodite (Post FIN Fic) Post FIN Fic
Silent Bard   The Bitter and Sweet of It (GEN) Classic
Silk   Primal Fears (GEN) Classic
Darkest Harvest (GEN) Classic
One Last Warlord (ALT) Classic
The Evening's Tale (GEN) Classic
The Great Turkey Mystery (GEN) Classic
Wake Up! (ALT) Classic
Love's Choice (ALT) Classic
A Warrior's Friend (GEN) Classic
The Great Turkey Crusade (GEN) Classic
Ares' Curse (GEN) Classic
Ares' Chosen (GEN) Classic
Heart's Choice (ALT) Classic
Vision (ALT) Classic
Harder Please (GEN) Classic
Daydream (ALT) Classic
Fate's Choice (ALT) Classic
Illusion (ALT) Classic
The Great Turkey Explosion (GEN) Classic
A Feathered Tale (ALT) Classic
The Great Turkey Stampede (GEN) Classic
Reflection (ALT) Classic
Satisfied? (ALT) Classic
Broken in Two (ALT) Classic
Precious Gems (GEN) Classic
Poseiden's Pride (GEN) Classic
Two Hearts, One Soul (ALT) Classic
Phantom (ALT) Classic
Specter (Alt) Classic
Just One More Moment (Alt) Classic
Mirage (Alt) Classic
Enough Already (Alt) Classic
The Rift XIV (The Wineskin War) Classic
Silk & TZ Series: Cravings of the Heart - Hunger Classic
Plug and Plunge Classic
A NitWit Guide For Alt Fanfic Collaborators Classic
Agony Classic
Silverflame, Rhiannon The Final Tribute Classic
Desiphering The Rift Mel & Janice
The Hardest to Learn Uber
Too Much for These Restless Arms to Hold Uber
Where There’s Now One Uber
And Then You Had to Bring Up Reincarnation Uber
Simpson, LC (Felioness) Family (Gen) Original
Sinful Remember, Never to Forget 1 | 2-3 | 4 Classic
Reunions | 2 | 3 Classic
Forever...Gabrielle...Forever Classic
I've Seen The Devil's Eyes - Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 (Conclusion) Classic
Singer, S.   Cause & Effect (GEN) Classic
The Chalice of Blood - Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 (GEN) Classic
Sparrow A Hero's Welcome 1 | 2 Classic
Aftermath Post FIN Fic
Vigil of a God Uber
A New Life (Sequel to Vigil of a God) Uber
Spqr Ars Amandi 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 Classic
Tempest Classic
Star Warrior(Rie) Alone (ALT) Classic
Confessions (ALT) Classic
Hopeless Expactations (ALT) Classic
Lovers In Doubt (ALT) Classic
Restless (ALT) Classic
Who Has The Right? (ALT) Classic
The Lost Warrior Princess (ALT) Classic
Helpful Travelers (ALT) Classic
Time to Live (ALT) Classic
A Moment in Forever (ALT) Classic
Rescue My Heart (ALT) Uber
War and Love Gangster Style (ALT) Uber
Stokes, Alix Mended Hearts Uber
Surtees, Karen That Road Once Trodden Classic
Behold A Pale Horse Classic
Degrees of Separation Classic
Dark Heritage Classic
Surtees, Karen  & Pruferblue

True Colors Parts 1-4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 |
Part 8 & 9 (Conclusion)

Many Roads To Travel (sequel to True Colours)
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6
Part 7 Part 8 (Final)
Sutherland, Elaine   Lao Ma's Kiss (ALT) Classic
The Pappas Journals (ALT) Mel & Janice
Pappas Journals ll: In the Reich (ALT) Mel & Janice
Women in Prison (ALT) Uber
Suzar Anything (ALT) Classic
Show and Tell (ALT) Classic
Show and Tell - The Sequel (ALT) Classic
Make Me (ALT) Classic
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Sword'n'Quil, TNovan & Okasha The Growing - Uber Series


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