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Mel & Janice Stories

It's about Xena & Gabrielle descendents Janice "Mad Dog" Covington (Gabrielle descendent) and Melinda Pappas (Xena descendent). The only time they appeared in the series was the episode "The Xena Scrolls"


Archaeobard A Curse On Both Your Houses  (sequel to Falling)
  Decisions (Alt)
  Do You?
  Falling  (sequel to Rising)
  Our Love Our Hope Our Sorrow (sequel to A Curse on Both Your Houses)
  Should I Stay, Or Should I Go
  The Brygos Painter Does Xena
  The Scroll (Alt)
  The Spear of Penthesilea
  The Sword of Hephaestus (Alt)
  The Voice
  Treasury of Magan - Chapter 1 (sequel to the Sword of Hephaetus)
  When Women Love..  (sequel to Our Love Our Hope Our Sorrow)
  You Do?
The Humanity - Part 1
Bactad, C.L. Southern Comfort (Alt)
  Southern Comfort: You’ve Never Been Nowhere
Bel-Wah The Mound of Hisarlik
Bongo Bear The Personals
Darkbloom, Vivian All The Colours of the World 
  The Secret Histories (sequel to All the Colours of the World)
  Coup de Grace (Complete)
The Book of the Body (Complete)
  Ignatz and Isolde + Audio Version 
Enginerd With Good Intentions
  Disturbing Revelations (Alt)
  Southern Hospitality (Alt)
  Duty (sequel to Southern Hospitality)
  Die Pflicht (sequel to Duty)
  Letting Go  (sequel to Die Pflicht)
Fox, L. Janice & Mel: The War Years - A Last Little Thing (sequel to Traitors in Our Midst)
  Janice & Mel: The War Years - Traitors In Our Midst (sequel to The Favor)
  Mistress of the Two Lands
  Take Two Tablets and Call Me In the Morning
  The Favor
JayBird   Sword of Ares (Gen)
Judy (Wishes) The Further Adventures of Janice & Mel: The Xena Core (GEN)
  The Further Adventures of Janice and Mel: The Gabrielle Stelle (GEN)
  The Prize (GEN)
Kauntiz, Lela Lost and Found (Alt)
  If We Shadows (Alt)
  Covington (Alt)
MacGregor, KG I Never Know
Rachel2 The Further Adventures of Janice and Mel - The Aegis(ALT)
  The Further Adventures of Janice and Mel - House on Redmond Hill (ALT)
The Further Adventures of Janice & Mel: Terror In the Amazon
Rice, Susan A. The Little Xena Scrolls – First meeting A Little Janice and Little Mel Adventure
Roo Home Fires 1-12 13-15
Scout The Long Way Home
Silverflame, Rhiannon Desiphering The Rift
Sutherland, Elaine   The Pappas Journals (ALT)
  Pappas Journals ll: In the Reich (ALT)
Winters, CN The Magic of Egypt (ALT)
  November 29, 1942 (Alt)
  Magic of Paris (Alt)
  Little Moments: A Day In the Desert
Zeta By the Gods You Look Like Xena



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