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Classic A-C

Xena & Gabrielle fiction based on the timeline of the series.



Advocate A Best Friend's Magic
Advocate, Fanatic & T. Novan You've Got Scrolls
& T. Novan  
Soul Searching
Soul Searching - Zipped File
AH Ladis Make A Wish
  The Burning Candle
AJ and Carrie Carr

Present Tense

  Future Tense
Alex Morning
Alexiares A Centaur's Tail
  A Piece of My Soul
  Deeper Waters Than Most Think
  It All Began With A Trout
  It Continues With A Skunk
  The Interview... Metaphorically Speaking
Beware Any Who Would See Here
Alexiares and Rachel Hahn Liaisons Ridiculeuse
Allen, Eva Hearts Under Seige
Love's Trust
Mountain Quest
The Birth of Solan
The Cottage
Under Western Skies
Allen, Mark and Robertson DM Your Body or Mine?
Amazon Moon Gabby's First Ever Public Cookshow
Gabrielle and the Six Labours
Sleepless in Ancient Greece
Anderson, LB What My Eyes Did See
Anima The Rift or Sappho was a Right-On Surfer Chick
  Three Naked Bards … Oh My!
  Triptych Sex
Annemaart A Day in the Life, Homeric style
  Eye of the Needle
  I'll Take The High Roads
  Me, Myself and I
  The Father of All Evils
  What If
  When Cutting Off a Serpent's Head...
  Xena's Day Off
Annetts, Mark A Bad Dinar
  A Good Day to Die
  You're A Wonderful Wife
Annmaray A Bonding of Hearts
  A Journey of Love and Home
  Building Our World - Chapter 1
  Building Our World: Birth and Death
  Come Crawling to Me
  Heal The Pain With Love
  In The Arms of A Warrior
  Just One Night
  Kissing Gabrielle
  One Kiss Changes Everything
  Secrets In My Heart
  The Mist of Pieria
  Horse Powers
Anon2 Pure Cold Abyss
Archaeobard A Thousand Smiles
  Gabrielle and the Phallus of Apollo
  Gagrielle and the Worrier Princess
  I Can't Tell You I Love You
  I Returned to Poteidaea... (Alt)
  Nipple II: The Re-Erection
  Nipple lll: Twin Peaks
  Nipple IV . Therein Lies the Nub
  Nipple V - The Second Coming
  Only This and Nothing More
  Sometimes,You Really Bug Me
  Somewhere in Time
  The Cess Pit
  The Poetry of Gabrielle and Xena Book One (Alt)
  The Soul That Love Forgot
  The Stare (Alt)
  Waiting for Muffy
  Waking Nightmare
Archaeobard & Willowluvyr Passion Ploy
Aurelia Gladiator
This tale is an alternate timeline Xena story that changes from “Destiny”. Caesar has sent Xena to Rome to serve in the Gladiator ring instead of crucifying her. After ten long years of physical and emotional torture, Xena makes a bid for freedom and retribution with a small blonde by her side.

Shipwrecked on a remote island, Xena and Gabrielle try to come to terms with their new relationship, and the inquisitive nature of active nine year-old. Is this idyllic setting as perfect as it seems, or is it the home of something more sinister? This is an alternate timeline story, changing direction from "Destiny". The Warrior Princess and the Destroyer of Nations did not exist. Nor did Lao Ma, Borias or Hercules take part in moulding this particular Xena. This is the second story in this series, the first being "Gladiator". While this is a stand-alone story, you may want to read the first one to come up to speed with some details in this tale.


Az, R. Blood-Lust and God-Blood (Alt)
  Crime and Punishment (Alt)
  Family (Alt)
  Love Triangle (Alt)
  Sins of the Father(Alt)
  The Fan (Alt)
  The Warrior Bard(Alt)
  The Windsong Series
  Turning Point(Alt)
  Windsong (Alt)
Bactad, C.L. A Story of Magic (Alt)
  A Third Death (Alt)
Baermer After Horde
  Book I: Precursors (Alt) The Peloponnesian War Series
  Book II: Poteidaia Under Siege (Alt) The Peloponnesian War Series
  Book III: The Mytilene Debate (Alt) The Peloponnesian War Series
  Book IV: The Battle of Amphipolis (Alt) The Peloponnesian War Series
  Eleusinian Mysteries (Alt)
  Mantic (Alt)
  Of Amazons, Warriors, and Revenge (Alt)
  Old Lessons
  Read The Fine Runes (Alt) The Peloponnesian War Series
  Slumbering Bard
  The Cages of Muses
  The Lost Tribe of the Kapru Kali (Alt)
  The Personal Scrolls of Gabrielle, Bard of Poteidaia (Alt)
  The Princess and the Popper (Alt)
  The Shaman
Baran, Christa  One Stone
  What Diffrence Death
Barker Fantasy Bound
  Lust Struck
Barrera, Sonia C. Dreaming Perdicus
  If Wishes Were Horses
Bauden, DS  As He Slept
  Did You Know?
  Power of Suggestion
  Reunion of Souls
Becklee The Dance of Destiny (Alt)
Bel-wah A Storm Along The Steppes
  A Xena Scroll (Alt)
  Before My Eyes (Alt)
  Between A Breath And A Heartbeat
  For Want Of A Nail
  How Thin The Veil
  Idylls of the Warrior Princess: The Coming of Xena
  Mother of Peace (Alt)
  Sins of the Daughter (Alt)
  Solstice Suite (Alt)
  Storm Front (Alt)
  Stranger In the Mirror
  The Apprentice (Alt)
  The Constant Heart (Alt)
  The Customer (Alt)
  The Mound of Hisarlik
  The One That Got Away
  The Pendulum of Life (Alt)
  The Waiting
  Time Slip (Alt)
Bergquist, James  Busted
  Fear and Clothing in Potaideia
  Near You Always
  Unknown Is My Heart's Tale
BladeMast All The Better Than One (Alt)
  Before The Dawn of Time
  Dear Xena
  End Game to Ides - A Bridge
  Just Horsin' Around (Alt)
  The Bitter Suite for the Fourth Season
  Xena: Warrior Princess - The Cheesy Fourth Season Opener
BladeMast & Candace Chellew A Good Day To Die
Blind Faith Crusader: Away From The Light
  Disaster at Stryman Pass
  Shark Island Salvation
  White Water Terror
  White Water Terror 2: Kilaro's Revenge
  White Water Terror 3: The Hunt
Blue A Midnight Clear
  Full Circle (Alt)
  Gabrielle's Rules (Alt)
  Seeing Through the Ides of Love
  Sweet Surrender (Alt)
  Thoughts (Alt)
  Transgressions (Alt)
Boughen, Jamie  A Jealous Harvest (Alt)
  Anger is My Shield (Alt)
  Choices in Life (Alt)
  In The Shadow of an Eagle's Wing (Alt)
  Moonlight Dancer (Alt)
  Reflections of an Old Woman (Alt)
  Soul Full Of Tears (Alt)
  The Long Way Home (Alt)
  Two Hearts, One Whole (Alt)
  Valley of Hidden Fears (Alt)
Bowers, SL. Chiaroscuro Series (Alt)
  Intermezzo (Alt)
Bracer As Long As Earth Endures (Alt)
  Two Souls (Gen)
Bradley, Betty Return to Eire
  Stories for Gabrielle
  Xena Harps Gabrielle of Flowers
Brendan, K R Closest to Heaven
Cat Amazon Fate
  Strength of Souls
Cath, Bard A Dream of Dragons
  And 'Round We Go - Again
  Another Solstice
  Blood Reckoning
  Hearts and Warriors
  Her Soulmate's Scrolls
  In The Company of Tigers
  Night Promise
  Tears and Diamonds: Goodbye to Love
  The Healer's Kiss
  The Nightmare Scrolls
  Until We Die
  Winged Goddess
Chakram The Forgiving (Gen)
Chellew, Candace  And One To Grow On (Alt)
  Camilla (Alt)
  If it Had Been a Snake... (Alt)
  Ministrations (Alt)
  The Wall (Alt)
  Things That Go Hump In The Night (Alt)
Chris M A Very Special Moment in the Life
  Delaying Velaska
  Iolaus' Unforgettable Festival
Christian, David S.  Of Glyphs and Gods
Coker, AJ A Bard's Love Story
  Thrice Blessed
Constare A Scroll By Its Paper (Alt)
Corsaro, Rose The Return
Beneath Twinkling Stars
A Day of Memories Made
Broken Hearts
A Matter of Trust
When The Time Comes
A Little Piece of Parchment
In The Beginning
The Greatest Gift
The Arrival
Costa, Marie E. A Lesson Learned (Sins of The Past) (Gen)
  Campfire Thoughts (Dreamworker) (Gen)
  Childhood Remembered (The Black Wolf) (Gen)
  First Steps (Sins of the Past) (Gen)
  Friends Sticks by Friends (The Reckoning) (Gen)
  Fugitives (Crade of Hope) (Gen)
  Gabrielle's Shock (Altared States) (Gen)
  Heart to Heart (Death in Chains) (Gen)
  Life Happens (The Greater Good) (Gen)
  Solitude Hurts (Chariots of War) (Gen)
  The Taste of Loss
  When Darkness Falls (Just before The Gauntlet) (Gen)
  When You Care Enough (Ties That Bind) (Gen)
  Xena's Fears (Gen)
Culprit Aspen's Child


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