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Tales after the events of the series ending episodes "A Friend In Need". Fans finish the series the way it should have finished.

If you are not a bard on The Bard's Corner and have written a Post FIN story submit your URL and I will index it here.


Aiglon The Black Dragon (Complete) - XIPPY Award Winner May 2012
Annemaart Spellbound - Parts 1-2 (revised) Parts 3-5 (complete)
Annetts, Mark Gabrielle & Xena (Deceased)
Antony Girl & Dio Parody
Mother, May I Sleep with Thracians? A Musical Homage to Love, Redemption, and Gratuitous Violence
ArtdentTly First You Laugh...And Then You Cry
Christa Baran What Diffrence Death
Cath, Bard We Need A Little Solstice
  Wise Words in Any Age
  A Friend In Deed
Corsaro, Rose The Return
D Forty-Eight Hour Fix
Darkbloom, Vivian Appetite
Easyreader A Friend In Need lll
  Friend In Need lll: Epilogue (follow up to Friend in Need lll)
R. Franke The Man Who Killed Xena
Caina Q. Fuller Moving On
  Forever Connected

Girl With A Chakram - Parts 1 & 2 (Unfinished)
Eve summons Gabrielle, who has been fighting in Egypt since Xena’s death, to Amphipolis. Greece is falling apart under strange storms caused by a threat that no one may be able to stop, not even the new carrier of the Chakram.


Carole Giorgio Epilogue to Friend In Need - She Who Talks To The Air
Lisa Grandstaff Solstice Ashes

Suns of the Passed
Gabrielle returns to Japa, where both she and Xena face uncertain consequences of the love and honor that melded their legendary partnership in defense of the greater good.  The third in a post-series arc, it follows “The Ghost of A Smile” and “A Fly in The Ointment.”

War's Surrender
Pits Ares against Aphrodite in a heated debate provoked by Xena's actions in A FRIEND IN NEED

What Stories Are For
Gabrielle reminisces about some key scenes we didn't see in the series finale.  The companion piece to "What Stories Are For Too," which is from Xena's perspective

What Stories Are For Too
Imagines Xena’s thoughts as she fights what may be her last battle, as portrayed in the series finale.  Companion piece to Gabrielle’s reflections of similar events in “What Stories Are For.” 

Love's Therapy (Complete) by IseQween
Gabrielle and Xena seek Aphrodite's help with a "personal" problem shortly after events depicted in IseQween's post-finale story "Suns of the Passed."  It refers to several episodes, particularly PUNCH LINES, THE GOD YOU KNOW and YOU ARE THERE

Enough (Alt / Complete) by Iseqween
Xena faces hurdles from the past and present as she tries to adjust to the life Gabrielle created before the warrior’s resurrection in Japa. This story makes reference to events and characters introduced in "A Fly in the Ointment," "Suns of the Passed" and "Love's Therapy"

Jahning, Grit Ever
Jennifer, Erin Rising Sun
Kloosterboer, Richard Conflict of Interest
Kodi Wolf A Friend In Need
Lady Jane Gray Dreaming
MaryE The Weakest Link
Michelle U End of the Road
Mike A Remembrance of Still Waters
  When Xena Died
  Who Would I Be, Without You?
Morgan, Brigit To Rest
  The Silent Country
  The Blonde
Myosage The Lie
T. Novan Friend In Need - Part lll
Richardson, Portia Golden Time of Day
Ripley Unity
Sandakat Moving On
Seaman, Stacia El DĚa de los Muertos
Ambyrhawke Shadowsinger To Hate or To Thank
  Beyond The Greater Good
  How Can I Go On?
Silence Fixing a Betrayal
  The Heart of Aphrodite
Silk Don't Stop
K Simpson (ROCFanKat) The Way She Were
  Friend In Need of Therapy
Sparrow Aftermath - Part 1
Trabal, Saul Crossroads of Destiny
Temora A Once and Future Journey
Marion D. Tuttle Friend In Need - The Way It Should Have Been
  Strange Alliances
Uberscribbler The Comfort of Strangers
Verrath The Sad One
  A Friend In A Funk
Winters, CN Bonding of Souls: A Friend Indeed
Kodi Wolf A Friend In Need - Part 3
Xenut The Nightmare That Was A Friend In Need