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Classic D-J

Xena & Gabrielle fiction based on the timeline of the series.



D It’s All Greek to Me: Memoirs of a Talking Warhorse OR the Life and Times of Xena and Gabrielle as told by Argo II
  Blood Bond
Danae Blood Innocence (Alt)
  Building a Mystery (Alt)
  Cradle of Destiny (Alt)
  Dream Workers
  Live To Tell (Alt)
  Priceless (Alt)
  Puzzle Pieces (Alt)
  That Damned Kiss (Alt)
  The Egg Hunt
  The Rift (Alt)
  Untamed (Alt)
Dartt, G.L. Enemy Mine (Alt)
  Enemy Ours (Alt)
  Goddess of Truth (Alt)
  Nothing Remembered (Alt)
Davies, Barbara Another Day In the Life
  Bard In a Cage
  Like Pegasus
  Sister Act
de Bonheur And Fair Truth (Alt)
  Summer Storm (Alt)
de Jong, Petra Warrior...Poet (Alt)
Dekker, Nusi A Nebula Menage (Alt)
  Getting Her Back (Alt)
DJWP A Bard Day's Night (Alt)
  A Hand In The Bush (Alt)
  Eating Out (Alt)
  Ghost of a Chance (Alt)
  Lost Soul Walking (Alt)
  Seven Days In Pompeii (Alt)
  The Marriage of Xena and Gabrielle (Alt)
  What Are Little Girls Made Of (Alt)
Attack of the 50 FT Bard revised
  The Irresistible Flame - Parts 1-2, 3 4 5 6 7 - 12 (Complete)
The Irresistible Flame medley – download and enjoy!
Domenica As Darkness Fell (Alt)
  The Dragon's Child (Alt)
  The Hunter (Alt)
Doyle, Brigid A Tale of Two Mothers
  Another Way
  Between The Times - Lesson 1 - Swords are NOT Toys
  Between The Times - Lesson 2 - Staying Put
  Between The Times - Lesson 3 -
  Between The Times - Lesson 4 - Don't Leave The Bard Behind
  Between the Times: 5. Lessons of Titanic Proportion
  Between The Times...6
A Day (or so) in the Strife: Between The Times - Lesson 7
  Empty Promises
  Entwined Destiny
  Following Directions, Spoken or Unspoken 
  From The Ashes of Disaster
  Mine...to Have and to Hold
  No Matter What Others May Think
  Pieces of Darkness
  Poetic Justice
  Seasons of Sunset
  Stolen Moments
  Strength of Vision
  The Things of Youth
  Thicker Than Water
  Thicker Than Water, Too
  Time After Time
Dr Bob A Soul Reunited (Alt)
  Beginnings (Alt)
  The Silent City (Alt)
  The Spring Festival (Alt)
  What Price Redemption (Alt)
  Xena: The Animated Adventures (Alt)
Dudock, Larry Death Wish (Alt)
  The Toughest Thing (Gen)
Dunn, Karen Bardic Theories
Letting Rip
Literal Thinking
Prelude to a Hangover
The Guard The Bard
Easyreader A Friend In Need lll
Eimajj A Mother's Plea (Gen)
  The Contest (Gen)
  The Huns (Gen)
  The Long Road Back (Gen)
  The Reunion
  The Vacation (Gen)
Enginerd 1. Justice in Walsas (Gen)
  2. In A Man's World (Gen)
  3. On Uncertain Ground (Alt)
  4. Gift of Gab (Alt)
  5. For Better or Worse (Alt)
  6. With Good Intentions (Alt)
  Fan Fiction (Gen)
  In The Eye of the Beholder
Enjay The Ghost In The Forest (Alt)
Eriksson, Carola Gladiator
Little Echoes
Love In A Strange World
F, Jackie An Intimate Conversation
  Athena is Coming
Falcon Death Stalks Forever
  Forgive Thyself and Blossom
  I Was Not Listening
  Joxer's Lament
  Love Is No Practical Joke
  Please Answer Me
  Poseidon's Well
  She Stole My Heart
  So Lonesome I Could Cry
  The Fairies of the Nestos River
  The Quondam Stone
  The Red Star Scroll
  The Scent of Xena
  The Widow
  Where Water Falls
  Your Name Is Mud
Fantimbard Xena Warrior Mother Series
  She Has My Eyes
  On The Road Again
  Nala's Gift
  Home Sweet Home
  The Little Thief of Hearts
  Legend of the Last Amazon
Felioness Tribute of Love
  Solstice of Redemption
Fiorella, Linda The Healing Fires
Firebaugh, A. J. Reclamation
Firestorm Baklava (Gen)
Flashheart, Filippa Morgan Second Stringer
FlyBigD A New Day
What Mom Doesn't Know, Won't Kill Her
What Dad Doesn't Know, Won't Get Him Killed
Plan D Series
  Why You Need a Plan D (Revised)
  Bodies Change, Love Never Dies
  A Test of Faith
  Saving Grace
  Brain Damaged and Loving It
  Palomino Heart
Ancient Secrets
  Back in Black?
Trouble With a Capital T
Don't Say The 'V' Word
  A Shot Won't Cure This
  Damn Boxers
  Choices and Chances
  Happy Captives
  Hot Bath and a Bed
  Lessons to Survive By
  Monday Night Free-For-All
  One Too Many Blondes
  Change of Heart
  Bundle of Joy
  And We Did
  Soul Salvation
  The Bridge
  The Messenger
  The Reason Why
  The Wish
  This Love
  Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction
Foster, Vada A Quest of a Different Colour (Alt)
  Full Circle (Alt)
  Out Of This Darkness (Alt)
  Poetic Justice (Alt)
Fox, L. A Bard's Faith
  All In a Year's Work: Spring
  All In A Year's Work: Winter
  Beloved Enemy
  I Remember
  It Takes a Thief...And a Couple of Sidekicks
  It's an ill Wind
  Reflections of a Heart Most Pure
  Scraps: Ghosts, Gabby, and Good-byes
  The Adventures of Young Ephiny: Coming of Age
  The Adventures of Young Ephiny: Episode Two - Ephiny Alone
  The Cage of Elysis
  The Vigil
  The Warrior's Lament
  Three Wishes for Gabrielle
  The Adventures of Young Ephiny: The Challenge
  Adventures of Young Ephiny - Episode 5: Two Journeys
Franke, R The Man Who Killed Xena
Freebard The Mind of Love (Gen)
Friction Awakenings (Alt)
  Callisto's Antidote (Alt)
  Enchanted Again? (Alt)
  Fire and Ice (Alt)
  Somewhere In Time (Alt)
  The Enchantment? (Alt)
  Wet Dreams (Alt)
Froggles Turning Point (Alt)
Fuller, Caina Q. Barefoot in the Sand
  Because I Love Her
  Blame It On The Wine
  Growing Up "Livia"
  Studies in Light: Chapter 1: Separation of Soul Mates
  What I'm Trying To Say...
Forever Connected
I Can’t Make Love With You
  Don't Mess With My Girl

The Heart of the Matter - Part 1 (Unfinished)
Augustus Caesar has retaken power in Rome, and he wants Eve to return, either as his wife, or as his warrior. To make sure she will give in to his demands, he orders Ledricles, a promising warrior who wants everything Eve walked away from in Rome (especially Caesar), to kidnap Virgil. Now Eve must return to fight in the Arena, or agree to be Augustus’s wife. If she does not choose, Virgil will pay the price with with his life, and so will every Elijan in the known world.


Gabangel Trouble In Paradise
Gabby Kat So Brave
Gabrelite Tortured Soul
Georgia A Family Affair - Continued (Alt)
  Aftermath (Alt)
  Divine Intervention (Alt)
  Into the Woods
  Obstacles In The Way
  Soul Creation
  To Tell The Truth (Alt)
  Until Xena (Alt)
  Saviors (Alt)
Gershwhen The Long Road From China (Gen)
Gin Negotiations
Giorgio, Carole A Place to Heal
  What a Difference A Day Makes
  Our Village, Our Home
  To Challenge the Queen
  A Royal Proposal
  Reunions ~ Potidaea
  Reunions ~ Amphipolis
  Wedding Preparations
  A Royal Amazon Wedding
  Epilogue to Friend In Need - She Who Talks To The Air
And Baby Makes...
Glasgow, Kandis  A Day's Journey Into Hell
  Stranger Paths
Good, Melissa A Warrior By Any Other Name (Alt)
  At a Distance (Alt)
Home Is Where The Heart Is (Alt)
Bound (Alt)
Winter's Ending (Alt)
The Longest Night (Alt)
  Reflections From The Past (Alt)
Darkness Falls (Alt)
  Leap of Faith (Alt)
  Promises Kept (Alt)
  Festival (Alt)
  Circle of Life (Alt)
  Dark Comes The Morning
A Matter of Pride
Champion 1 2 3 4 5 6 & 7 8 - 10 11-13 Part 14-15 (Final)
  One Wild Ride - Part 1
Grace How Do I Tell Her
Grandstaff, Lisa Pillars of the Temple
Chicken Soup For The Warrior's Soul
Hahn, Rachel My Dearest Friend
  The Amazon Way
  Dreams of the Nile (Alt)
  Heaven Down Here (Alt)
  I'm Right Here (Alt)
  The Payment (Alt)
  Wildfire (Alt)
Handpuppet, The The Gabrielle Scrolls (Alt)
Heartstarter Hard to Say Goodbye
  That Scroll
  The Fallout
  The Weekend Visitor
  Wasted Moments
Heather Darkening of the Light
  If Wishes Were Horses
Heisey, Allyson  Choices (Alt)
  Lady and the Tramp (Alt)
  The Dark Sword (Alt)
  The Lost Scrolls of the Amazons (Alt)
Hloupy, Andreas Episode 1 - Afterlife
  Episode 2 - I Need a Hero
  Episode 3 - Burn, Heaven, Burn
  Episode 4 - Touched By An Angel
  Episode 5 - Double Jeopardy
  Episode 6 - They Live
  Episode 7 - Footnote to History
  Episode 8 - Soulmates
  Episode 9 - The Madness of King Georg
  Episode 10 - Die? Hardly!
  Episode 11 - Of Cats and Demons
  Episode 12 - Call to Arms
  Episode 13 - Last Man Standing
  Episode 14 - Last Man Standing
  Episode 15 - Art of War
  Episode 16 - Eye of the Storm
Ilsa Kansas?
IseQween Isqween's Classic Fiction has been moved to it's own page on AUSXIP.
Please visit here to read all of Iseqeen's Classic Fictioin
Jahning, Grit  A Beginning
  When The Night...
Distances - Part 1 and 2
James, L.N. Both Hands (Alt)
  Breaking Bread (Alt)
  Far Away/So Close (Alt)
  Hints (Alt)
  Magnetic North (Alt)
  Queen (Alt)
  Reliquish (Alt)
  Swan Song (Alt)
  The Gala (Alt)
  Welcome Home (Alt)
JayBird   A Fine Messiah (Gen)
  A Scene I'd Like To See (Gen)
  Callisto's Dream (Gen)
  City of Peace
  Heart of a Warrior (Gen)
  Iolaus Trick in the Book (Gen)
  Journey to Cirra (Gen)
  Perfect Trust (Gen)
  Raiders of the Dancing Gabbys(Gen)
  The Fourth Day (Gen)
  Xena NetForum Cooperative Story
Jenkins, JD Beginnings (ALT)
  Power of Two
  The Heart's Furies (ALT)
Aren't You Two...
Tavern Talk
Jill Caves (Gen)
  Light Mist Falling (Alt)
  The Sea and the Spring Leaves (Gen)
Journs The Day After
Judy (Wishes) A Starry Night, A Solstice Story (GEN)
  Battle (GEN)
  Dedications (GEN)
  Old Woman (GEN)
  Home Fires (GEN)
  Lair of the Serpent (GEN) - Trilogy 1
  Valley of Regret (GEN) - Trilogy 2
  Friends of the Goddess (GEN)  - Trilogy 3
Signals (GEN)
  Simulacrum (GEN)
  Solemn Industry (GEN)
  The Last Day (GEN)
  The Loyal Warrior (GEN)
  The Mountain (GEN)
  The Truth (GEN)
  The Wound (GEN)
  Time Changes (GEN)
  Retirement (GEN)


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