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Uber Stories P-Z

The essence of the characters transplanted in other time periods but still retaining the characters of Xena and Gabrielle.


Pallas Mercy That Sadness Brings
Paradee, C & Hart, Lois Cloarec Murder Most Foul
Peterson, JL Incidental Tourist
Poto Out of Sarajevo
Much Ado About Uber
Assume This
Pritekel, Kim Twilight
  Dance With Me
  Full Moon
  Passion's Fool
Puckster Alice's Alternative (ALT)

Shield of Justice
The Golden Tiger
Love's Melody Lost
Above All Honor
A Matter of Trust
Innocent Hearts
Honor Bound
Passion's Bright Fury
In Pursuit of Justice
Safe Harbor
Redhawk Only One - Immortal Series 1.
Oktoberfest - Immortal Series 2.
The Breaking - Immortal Series 3.
Rescue Warrior The Suspect
Revan Second Soul
Richardson, Portia Under The Kenyan Sky: A Romance
Rickard, Taylor & Novan, T. Words Heard I n Silence 1-5 6-7 8-9 10-11
12-21 22-23 24-25 26-27 28-29 30-31 32-36
Ripley Unity
Redcat Fields of Gray
RJ Take Time Out
ROCFanKat Several Devils
The Average of Deviance
Rohan The Thunder Chick There is Always Hope (
One Fine Day
Rosemary The Wonderful Wonderbardbra (Alt)
Ruskin, Sam A Warrior For Our Time
Gillian and the Bigot
Mysti's Girls: Happy Anniversary
Ryan, M. The Deal (Alt)
Seventeen Minutes
Shell Game (Sequel to The Deal)
Sandakat Burning Time
Slow Burn
Seaman, Stacia Voices Carry
Seely, Paul Surfacing
Persistence of Memory
Shadowsinger, Ambyrhawke To Melt A Frozen Heart

The Jade People

ShoeX Above And Beyond - Parts 1-6
Silverflame, Rhiannon The Hardest to Learn
Too Much for These Restless Arms to Hold
Where There’s Now One
And Then You Had to Bring Up Reincarnation
Sparrow Vigil of a God
A New Life (Sequel to Vigil of a God)
Star Warrior(Rie) Rescue My Heart (ALT)
War and Love Gangster Style (ALT)
Stokes, Alix Mended Hearts
Surtees, Karen  & Pruferblue True Colors
Many Roads To Travel (sequel to True Colours)
Sutherland, Elaine   Women in Prison (ALT)
Sword'n'Quill Redemption
Desert Storm
Retribution (Sequel to Redemption)
Restitution (Sequel to Retribution)
Full Circle: The Tale of Si’ian and Maiandria
Sword'n'Quill, TNovan & Okasha The Growing - Uber Series
Taleweaver Stirrings of a Dark Heart
Eyes of the Past
Shades of Immortality
Tammy   Forests of Eyulf: Instincts of Blue
Teagen2 The Gang's All Here
Arresting Behaviour
Phantom Love
Hero of My Heart
Two Cops and a Baby
Generation Gap
Dampen My Fears
Love Knows No Bounds
Still My Hero
What Would You Do To Me
Be Her Hero
Give Me Another Chance
Fierce Competition
The Only One: The Story of Rowanne
Stand Off
The Hunt
It Takes a Thief
Paid In Full
Life's Full of Choices
Broken Silence
Fanatic - Part 1 | Part 2 Part 3
Higher Learning
The Rules of War
Wave Runners
Teagen2 and SER Logan5 Destiny Discovered
Tietz, Anne The Reality in Dreams - Parts 1 - 3 (Unfinished)
Toutfolie The Phantom of the Library
Tragedy88 Blood Red Scream(Alt)
Desert Wind Rising
Forgotten Way
Shattered Innocence
Love's Rendition
Troubleshooter Trial of Conscience
Tucker, LA
The Light Fantastic
or zipped file
Küssen Des Banditen
The Inside Out - Parts 1 - 12 13 14-21
Tucker, LA & Sage Walker Convergence
Tuttle, Marion D. A New Beginning - Part 1
TZ (Tami) X and G Lend a Hand
UberScribbler A Feast of All Souls
London Blitz
Vali, Ali To Capture A Heart
Promise Me Forever
How Do You Mend a Broken Heart
Sex, Wives and Misunderstandings
All It Took Was You
Tree Huggers, Children & Broken Decoys…
  Amazonia - Book 1 - Parts 1-3 4-6 (Complete)
  Things That Terrify Me the Most (Complete) by Ali Vali
Sequel to "Vampires, Mummies and the Holy Ghost." Kendal and Piper are back for another adventure that will give Piper a little more insight into her lover's long past.
  A Million Reasons
Memories of the Heart
  Purple Irises
  Skipping Stones (Complete)
It's been a few months since Julian and Kiki Lowe stood under a canopy and promised to spend the rest of their lives together. Skipping Stones is the next chapter in the Lowe family series visiting these characters as they start their married and family life with their two children, Summer and Tiger. There is a new love brewing, a Valentine's Day to be celebrated, but will they achieve what Kiki and Julian want most?
Verrath Tell Me Series:
Tell Me Gabrielle
I'm Bored Gabrielle
What's With The Sun
Pillow Talk
We Got Him, Gabrielle
Summer Slave Camp
Summer Slave Camp II - Slave Hunt
Flukes, Fauns and Griffins
Battle Kicks
The New Kid
Run, Alice, Run
A Hard-Headed Hound
Wardrobe Warrior
A Bowl of Tsunami
Remember When Gabrielle?
Always Gabrielle
  As The Dragon Flies
Opening Up
The Heart of a Leopard
The Crazed Ramblings of a Madwoman
Wiggins, Marcella I Will Always Love You
Winterburn, Pat Snow, Hot Chocolate & You
  A Word To The Wise
  Jennifer Cassidy - Deceased
  Taking In Strays
  Detective Amanda Ellis - Part 4 (Don't Mess With Texas) (Conclusion)
  Avery Stephens, Maintenance Wizard
Winters, CN Casablanca
Withercross, Claire As The Camera Turns
A Bard's Convenient DIY Erotic Fiction Generator
WordWarior A Bedtime Story
  A Women With History
Woulfe, Caley I Believe In You (Complete)
  Star Struck (Unfinished)
  Story Starter - A Fan Fic Parody (Complete)
Xena's Little Bitch The Hunt of the Unicorn
Xenrielle I Have Many Help Files
It Begins Where It Ends
Zeta By The Gods You Look Like Xena
An Affair To Remember
Zuke Dear Booger
Well, If You Hum A Few Bars…
Nothing Special



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