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Classic U-Z

Xena & Gabrielle fiction based on the timeline of the series.



U, Michelle End of the Road
UberScribbler Big Surprises in Small Packages
Terror of the Northern Tribe
The Irresistible Child Meets the Immovable Parent
And One Day, The Chick Will Take Flight
The Comfort of Strangers
Verrath Possibilities
The Dumbbell Is Mightier... or: Joxer's Dilemma
A Musing Bard
The Warrior, The Witch And The Nightmare
The Bet
Tell Me Series:
Tell Me Gabrielle
I'm Bored Gabrielle
What's With The Sun
Pillow Talk
We Got Him, Gabrielle
Summer Slave Camp
Summer Slave Camp II - Slave Hunt
Flukes, Fauns and Griffins
Battle Kicks
The New Kid
Run, Alice, Run
A Hard-Headed Hound
Wardrobe Warrior
A Bowl of Tsunami
Remember When Gabrielle?
Always Gabrielle
As The Dragon Flies
Weiner, Rebecca   The Reward (GEN)
Weiss, Shari A Time to Heal
Wildbard When Love Is Found
  As The Bard Squirms
Wilson, Catherine M.
& Trifilo, Donna E.
After the Honeymoon Series
Surprise (ALT)
Partners in Grime (ALT)
Joxer The Mighty (ALT)
Sex and Violence (ALT)
Reality Check (ALT)
Co-dependent No More (ALT)
12 Steps To Mycenae (ALT)
Spring Chicken (ALT)
Who's On Top (ALT)
Winters, CN Loss of Virginity (ALT)
Moment of Truth (ALT)
Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace (ALT)
The Contest (ALT)
The Play (ALT)
The Queen, The Regent, The Warrior (ALT)
Family Ties (ALT)
The End (Alt)
Dueling Cousins (Alt)
A Conversation By Campfire
The Homecoming Series
Homecoming - Part I (ALT)
Coming Home (ALT)
Home Sweet Home
No Place Like Home
Home At Last (Alt)
Betrayal - Changes of Heart Series 1.
Denial - Changes of Heart Series 2.
Acceptance - Changes of Heart Series 3.
Strife - Changes of Heart Series 4.
Astonishment - Changes of Heart Series 5.
Explanations - Changes of Heart Series 6.
Sidekicks - Changes of Heart Series 7.
Confessions - Changes of Heart Series 8.
Knowledge - Changes of Heart Series 9.
Complications - Changes of Heart Series 10.
Truths - - Changes of Heart Series 11.
Decisions - Changes of Heart Series 12.
Telling Tales - Changes of Heart Series 13.
Confrontations - Changes of Heart Series 14.
Battleplans - Changes of Heart Series 15.
Conversations - Changes of Heart Series 16.
Reckoning - Changes of Heart Series 17.
Favors - Changes of Heart Series 18.
Choices - Changes of Heart Series 19.
Realization - Changes of Heart Series 20.
Challenges - Changes of Heart Series 21.
Reservations - Changes of Heart Series 22.
Inebriation - Changes of Heart Series 23.
Reunited (Final part of the series)
Homeward Bound - Bonding of Souls Series 1.
Grief - Bonding of Souls Series 2.
Into the Heart - Bonding of Souls Series 3.
A Good Day's Vengeance - Bonding of Souls Series 4.
After the Storm - Bonding of Souls Series 5.
Filling Voids - Bonding of Souls Series 6.
Moving Forward - Bonding of Souls Series 7.
Sleep to Dream - Bonding of Souls Series 8.
Down Home - Bonding of Souls Series 9.
Amazon Queens  - Bonding of Souls Series 10.
Technical Difficulties - Bonding of Souls Series 11.
Empathy Nest - Bonding of Souls Series 12.
Testing Faith - Bonding of Souls Series 13.
To New Heights - Bonding of Souls Series 14.
Soul Reunited - Bonding of Souls Series 15.
The Karmic Cycle Just Ran Over My Dogma
A Friend Indeed
Winters, CN &
Novan, T.
Something To Talk About (Alt)
Henbane, Horsenappings and other Obstacles
Withercross, Claire As the Stomach Turns
The Adventures of Gabrielle (and some other person)
In the Name of Love
A Near Life Experience
A Near Life Experience Two
Pillow Talk
Random Thoughts 1: Bridge
Random Thoughts 2: Living With the Big Lie
Random Thoughts 3: Runaway
Random Thoughts 4: Mad
Random Thoughts 5: Hard as Love
Random Thoughts 6: Hollow
Random Thoughts 7: Alone Again
Random Thoughts 8: Paper Lies
Random Thoughts 9: Brave
Random Thoughts 10: The Great Escape
Random Thoughts - Conclusion: Made Again
The Release
I Will Remember
The Case of the Missing Snowman
A Stranger in the Garden
Waiting to Happen
Warm Wet Circles
Winter Trees
Cross Words
Hanging Gabrielle
Love On the Ocean Wave
Withercross, Claire
& Elyzon, Blindzon
The Adventures of Gabrielle (and some other person) - Part 2 - A Great Blow for a Day Job
WordWarior Truth Or Dare
Bad Sex
Eternal Bliss
Just Another Dead Warlord
Jungle Reign
For The Love of Clichés
A Night At The Theatre
The Testament
The Warrior's Journal
Who Are You, Gabrielle
Who Are You, Xena
Woulfe, Caley Last Chance Saloon (Complete)
  Perdicus 1 (Complete)
  Stargazing (Complete)
  Perdicus 2 (Complete)
Xena's Little Bitch Like You Really Like It
Being Everything
That Unfamiliar Activity
Dancing In the Moonlight
A Million Ways
Wish Come True
Better Than Ruling The World
Hubris of Champions
Fortune Favours the Brave
Deep In the Woods
Praise You
The House of Lao
Xena of Gaul
The Empress & The Playwrite
On the Way to Corinth
The Moral of the Story
Purple Flowers
  A Day In The Endless Life (Complete) by Xena's Little Bitch
A post-FIN story set in the present day, explaining (among other things) how Xena didn’t really die in Japan. It’s also what I really think happened.
Xenaslaves Kidnapped
To a Glorious Moment
Xenia The Snakehaired Gorgon
The Black Wolf
The Troubles of Getting Joined
Xenrielle Blooper
Daring Games
Escaping Through Death
What Some Will Do For An Apple
Name One Person
Naughty Games
A Shade Less Ordinary
The Kiss
Xenut The Nightmare That Was A Friend In Need
Ximena Sappho's Couples Counseling Service (or On The Couch) - Session 1
Sunset Interlude
Gabrielle's Diary
I Sing of David - Session 2 of Sappho's Couples Counseling Service
Sapphic Interlude
The Importance of Being Gabrielle
XWP Fanatic Twenty-Three (ALT)
York, J. The Rest Is Silence (Gen)
Zealander And I think of Her.. (ALT)
Now (ALT)
Touch (ALT)
It's For You (ALT)
Keep It Precious (ALT)
Perfection (ALT)
The Letting Go (ALT)
Fragments (ALT)
The Challenge (ALT)
Anguish (ALT)
Benefit of Doubt (ALT)
Full Range (ALT)
Stolen Hearts (ALT)
The Longing (ALT)
She Had Many Skills (ALT)
Zeta The Letter (ALT)
A Dream for Every Star (ALT)
It Takes An Amazon Village
Now and Forever
Winter’s Prescription for Passion
The Last Dance
  The Secret Journey
Zuke Towards Our Distant Rest
Fun & Games
Teach Me Everything You Know
Zzelami Blind Faith Restored (ALT)
This Little Dare (ALT)
Slices of Night (Alt)


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