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Classic P-T

Xena & Gabrielle fiction based on the timeline of the series.



Pallas Ravages of Spirit (ALT)
Beyond & Forever (Alt)
Pappas, M.  & Covington, J. Ares' Game (ALT)
Escapade (by J. Covington) (ALT)
Secrets Past (ALT)
Paradee, C Resolutions
The Fall
Parnell, M. Origins (ALT)
A Woman Called Alika (ALT)
Rope Trick (GEN)
Dialog With A God (GEN)
Miles to Go (GEN)
Tartarus - Chapters 1 - 26 | Chapters 27 - 40 (Complete)
Tartarus takes place after ORIGINS. It is not necessary to read ORIGINS first, but some references will be puzzling to you. I began this story before season three. Given all that has happened, I find it hard to continue without allowing season three to intrude in some places. If that doesn't fit with the first fifteen chapters, well, (picture me shrugging my shoulders here), it can't be helped. The last chapters. This was written in fits and starts over the past ten years or so. I hope there are no glaring inconsistencies. Above all, let me apologize for the exceedingly long delay to anyone who has been waiting for this story to be finished. With the best of intentions I just couldn’t get it done until now.
Peterson, JL Just Another Tale
In Her Eyes (Alt)
Poto The Game
Power Chakram Destiny's Dominion
Protek Of Love and Hate
Inner Darkness - Parts 1-7 (Unfinished)
Pruferblue Gabrielle, Cyrene, Xena (a vignette)
Protector of Nations
Dahak's Entrance Delayed
Xena, Junior, Meets Callisto
Xena's Past, Elisa's Future
When the Sun Begins to Set
A Harvest of Separated Souls
A Royal Pain
Learning the Hard Way
Friends: Forgiven, Forgotten, Forever (Series)
Puckster Cerberus' Challenge (ALT)
  Empathy's Cost (ALT)
Putnam, Amy J. Obsidian (ALT)
Quince, Ella In The Dark (ALT)
Deja vu All Over Again (ALT)
No Place For Fear (ALT)
Childish Games (ALT)
The Return from Poteidaia (ALT)
Well of Sighs (ALT)
The Broken Thread (ALT)
Visiting Hours (ALT)
An Old Promise (ALT)
The Tavernkeeper's Sister(ALT)
Rachel2 A Warlord's Legacy (ALT)
Have Whip Will Travel (ALT)
Rivals (ALT)
The Demon (ALT)
The Princess Bard
Raine Holding On
Letting Her Go
Ralene Xena and the Dancing Herb (Complete) by Ralene
Aphrodite helps Xena give Gabrielle a birthday gift that extends beyond the warrior's usual many skills and provokes uproar among the Amazons
Ranger Liz The Wild Hunt (ALT) (revised)
Dark Hunter (Alt) (revised)
Gift of Life (Alt)
Raven A Losing Battle: For My Sweet Bard.
RavensTale A Different Kind of Rift
Rebekah Nor the Battle to the Strong:
Part I -- All Through the Night
Rice, Susan A. Little Xena and Little Gabrielle
Little Xena's Chores
A Birthday Letter/Little X&G go to Sue's
Little Gabrielle Learns to Read
A Little Solstice
The Big Bad Sucking Monster
A Letter to Lu: Little X&G go to Murphy’s
A Letter to Lu: Little X&G go to MomBard's
Up A Tree
The Best Gift
Best Gift 2 - The Gift of Love
Best Gift 3 - The Gift of Family
A Little Sleigh Ride
A Little Snowball War
Big Surprises in Little Packages
A Little Xena Christmas Card
Richardson, Portia A Half Moon Before And Two Summers After
Golden Time of Day
  What Perdicus Knew
ROCFanKat Friend In Need of Therapy
  The Way She Were
Roc-it scientist Equinimity (ALT)
  Xena's Gown (ALT)
Ruskin, Sam In Her Dreams
Telling Secrets
After The Glitter
Together At Last
Scout   The Long Way Home (ALT)
Seaman, Stacia Illusions I Recall
Time Is On My Side
Senachie Liliad
Sensale, Richard Of Damsels and Demons
  Relics From The Future
Shadowsinger, Ambyrhawke Keystones In a Tapestry
  Letting Go
  Chosen Legacy
  The Heart Remembers - Under A Northern Moon Series
  A Shadow of You - Under A Northern Moon Series 2
  Spirit Walkings - Under A Northern Moon Series 3
Shalon The Dance
  Tending Her Heart
sHaYcH   Debt of Life (ALT)
Moral Dilemma (ALT)
Orphans (ALT)
Time of Vengence (ALT)
Tommorrows Passed (ALT)
Summer Rain (ALT)
Answers (ALT)
Warrior's Hands (ALT)
Journeys of Perspective (ALT)
Ephiny's Song (ALT)
Silence Fixing a Betrayal
Full Circle
Echoes of a Lost Soul
Souls Redemption
Silent Bard   The Bitter and Sweet of It (GEN)
Silk   Primal Fears (GEN)
Darkest Harvest (GEN)
One Last Warlord (ALT)
The Evening's Tale (GEN)
The Great Turkey Mystery (GEN)
Wake Up! (ALT)
Love's Choice (ALT)
A Warrior's Friend (GEN)
The Great Turkey Crusade (GEN)
Ares' Curse (GEN)
Ares' Chosen (GEN)
Heart's Choice (ALT)
Vision (ALT)
Harder Please (GEN)
Daydream (ALT)
Fate's Choice (ALT)
Illusion (ALT)
The Great Turkey Explosion (GEN)
A Feathered Tale (ALT)
The Great Turkey Stampede (GEN)
Reflection (ALT)
Satisfied? (ALT)
Broken in Two (ALT)
Precious Gems (GEN)
Poseiden's Pride (GEN)
Two Hearts, One Soul (ALT)
Phantom (ALT)
Specter (Alt)
Just One More Moment (Alt)
Mirage (Alt)
Enough Already (Alt)
The Rift XIV (The Wineskin War)
Silk & TZ Series: Cravings of the Heart - Hunger
Plug and Plunge
A NitWit Guide For Alt Fanfic Collaborators
Silverflame, Rhiannon The Final Tribute
Sinful Remember, Never to Forget
I've Seen The Devil's Eyes
Singer, S.   Cause & Effect (GEN)
The Chalice of Blood
Sparrow A Hero's Welcome
Spqr Ars Amandi
Star Warrior(Rie) Alone (ALT)
Confessions (ALT)
Hopeless Expactations (ALT)
Lovers In Doubt (ALT)
Restless (ALT)
Who Has The Right? (ALT)
The Lost Warrior Princess (ALT)
Helpful Travelers (ALT)
Time to Live (ALT)
A Moment in Forever (ALT)
Surtees, Karen That Road Once Trodden
Behold A Pale Horse
Degrees of Separation
Dark Heritage
Sutherland, Elaine   Lao Ma's Kiss (ALT)
Suzar Anything (ALT)
Show and Tell (ALT)
Show and Tell - The Sequel (ALT)
Make Me (ALT)
Sword'n'Quill The Stranger In Your Eyes (Alt)
To Stand Together Through The Storm (Alt)
Taleweaver A Thousand Shades of Feeling
To Love A Dark Heart
The Yearnings of a Dark Heart
A Day in the Daycare
Tammy   War of Silence (GEN)
Tara It Is Just Another Normal Day
Taylor, Anne Still Waters
Teagen2 A Warrior. s Unconditional Love
Careful What You Wish For
Tell Me
The Perfect Storm
Down On the Farm
Healing My Heart
The Queen's Pleasure (Alt)
Temora Solitaire
The Lady Knows When To Leave
Fighting The Good Fight
Yeah, With a Really Big Sword
Quality Dying Time
This is a First Time Story
Terrell, Mary E. Love At First Sight or Always Meant To Be (ALT)
Ask Solari
Just a Simple Bard
A Question Answered
Writer's Block
Towandababe   Afternoon Break
Ground Rules
Even As She Sleeps
Gabrielle's Dream
Totally Grounded
Afternoon Break/Part Deux
Visiting the In-Laws
Trabal, Saul Braving The Inner Storm
A Taste of Deja Vu
Blades of the Red Sun
A Switch of the Role
Soul Searching At Twilight
Trey Maybe Angels (ALT)
Tuttle, Marion D. Will You Remember Me
Death's Shadow
Tell Me Why
Confessions After Twilight
Finding The Way
Reclaiming Destiny
On Her Own Terms
When Harry Left Mattie
Tymedancer The Healer (ALT)
Aftershock (ALT)
Vengeance (ALT)
Justice (ALT)
Mercy (ALT)
Reality (ALT)
TZ (Tami) Bardly Pursuits
The Magic of Mushrooms
Passion Improvised
For Gabrielle
The Golden Chalice
The Biggest Step
Letters to Ephiny
Bucket of Eels
When Evil Meets Itself
Getting it Right
Madness and Discovery
Just Because
A Thread In Time - The Sacrifice for Love Series 1
Gabrielle's Return - The Sacrifice for Love Series 2
All You Need is Love - The Sacrifice for Love Series 3
The Gods' Hope - The Sacrifice for Love Series 4
At What Cost - The Sacrifice for Love Series 5
Love's Sweet Face - The Sacrifice for Love Series 6
Irritating Can Be Good - The Sacrifice for Love Series 7
A Warrior's Heart - The Sacrifice for Love Series 8
The Way of Love - The Way of Life Series 1.
The Way of the Wolf -  - The Way of Life Series 2.
The Way of the Amazon -  - The Way of Life Series 3.
The Way of the Bard  - The Way of Life Series 4.
The Way of the Child -  - The Way of Life Series 5.
The Way of the Mother -  - The Way of Life Series 6.
The Way of the Family -  - The Way of Life Series 7.
Eternal Rewards - The Eternal Series
Eternal Love -  The Eternal Series 2
Eternal Bond - The Eternal Series 3
Eternal Life  - The Eternal Series 4
  The Way of War - The Way of Life Series 8
  The Way of Honor - The Way of Life Series 9
  The Way of the Regent - The Way of Life Series 10
  The Way of Intrigue - The Way of Life Series 11
  The Way of Treachery - The Way of Life Series 12


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