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Classic K-O

Xena & Gabrielle fiction based on the timeline of the series.



Kamouraskan Champion
  First Date
  In Her Eyes
  A Solstice Benefit
  Who's Child
  Sensitive Chats
  The Gabrielle Effect
  The Gabrielle Effect - Act ll
  The Gabrielle Effect - Act lll
  Played Real Good for Free
  And It's Only Love
  The Joining
  Winter Chills
  Winter's Thaw
  Foolish Notions
  Eve's Garden
  Of Two Minds
  School's Out
  Undelivered Mail
  Never Paint A Moustache On A Warrior Princess - Part 1
  Never Paint A Moustache On A Warrior Princess - Part 2
  Never Paint a Moustache On A Warrior Princess - Part 3
  Never Paint a Moustache On A Warrior Princess - Part 4
  Walls and Hurdles
  The Writer
  Sensitive Chats 2
  Child's Play
  In the Heart of the Seige
  When In Rome Chapters 1-13 (Ongoing)
Kamouraskan & Lariel Tender Mercies
Lariel & Verrath
Old Warriors Never Die, They Just..
Kanvil Kama Xutra (ALT)
Kat In the Mind's Eye (ALT)
  Love, Ink. (ALT)
  Love is a Many Splintered Thing... (ALT)
Katelin B Best Friend (ALT)
  The Bubble Bath (ALT)
  Paybacks - Part 2 of The Bubble Bath (ALT)
  Eternal Suffering - Part 1 (ALT)
  Reflections of Love (ALT)
  Waterfall (ALT)
  Because You Loved Me (ALT)
  Queen's Orders (ALT)
  To Rescue a Friend
  What's If?
  Little Surprises (Part ll of What If?)
  Tender Moments
Kauntiz, Lela Intimacies (Alt)
  That First Night (Gen)
Kauri The War: An alternative telling of The Price
Kerabe Defiler
Kern, Deb Written in My Days
  My Cup of Tea
Kerr, Trish (Phopas) About That Kiss (ALT)
  HoneyMoon (ALT)
  Heart and Soul (ALT)
  Vacation in Tartarus (ALT)
The Brooding Warrior (Alt)
Klancy7 Friend's Remembered
  Aspen's Child
  Season 5 Revisted
  Endgame Revisted
Kloosterboer, Richard No Place Like Home
  Walking On
Separation - Virtual Season episode
Koddiake Circle of Life
  The Color of Darkness
KT Dollies All At Sea
  Dollies Adventures
Kuntz, Jim The Fortress (Alt)
  The City (Alt)
  The Journey (Alt)
  Meg's (Alt)
  The Lion's Wall
  Dreams Lost And Found (Alt)
  The Will of the Lion (Alt)
  Ashes On The Wind (Alt)
  Keola's Story
  Keola & Oresta (Semi-Uber
Lady Catherine Dear Diary (ALT)
  Sanctuary (ALT)
Lady Jane Gray Dreaming
Lariel Growing Pains
  A Day Off
  A Prayer for You
  Killing Time
  One Enchanted Evening
  Heart of Stone
  Song of the Sun Child
  Hanging Around
  Tales From The Heart
Lariel and Temora Wish You Were Here..
Lawlsfan If At First You Don't Succeed
  Do You Know?
  The Gift
  Teach Me Everything You Know
  Attention Shoppers
  It's In the Subtext Gabrielle
  Love Me Now, Forever
  No Room in the Doghouse, Er..Inn
  Hope and Light
  My Source, My Soul
Beware The Green Eyed Monster
Mr Turnip Head Rides Again
My Weakness Is My Strength
Simple Pleasures
When Pigs Fly
Lemanne, Dawn Amazon Awakenings
Lena    Ares Gift Ares Gift Series 1
  Three Weeks Does Not A Lifetime Make. Oh Yeah? Ares Gift Series 2
  Just The Beginning Ares Gift Series 3
  Return of the Warrior Ares Gift Series 4
  Motherhood Revisted, Again
  Aphrodite's Got A Secret
  A Solstice Gift
  Xena: The End
  Happy Ever After
Linda D Discovery (ALT)
Llachlan / Cěarŕn Llachlan Leavitt Second Chances
Lucyfer Dark Beauty (ALT)
Beneath The Smouldering Armour (ALT)
The Smell of Her Britches (ALT)
Down to the Darkness (ALT)
Gabrielle Takes Xena Home (ALT)
Liquid Fire (ALT)
The Magical Orb (ALT)
Pathway to Love (ALT)
Play Ball, Xena
Xena vs Hockey's Dead Things (ALT)
Xena's Kisses (ALT)
Xena and Lucy go Shopping (GEN)
Xena and Gabrielle Spin The Pin Bottle (ALT)
A Fate to Remember
The Mount Olympus Super Bowl
Sinful Adventures
Maas, LJ To Become a Queen
  Quest for a Queen
  Heart of a Queen
  The Queen of My Heart
  To Walk The Path of a Queen
  To Walk The Path of a Queen - zipped file - 306k
  Happy Anniversary, Gabrielle
  Happy Anniversary, Xena
  Just Like Xena
Maggie Amity Reborn (GEN)
  The Better Part of Valor (GEN)
  Footprints in the Dust (GEN)
  Full Circle (GEN)
  The Noble Heart (GEN)
  Trust Fund (GEN)
  Healer's Choice (GEN)
  The Silver Fox (GEN)
  The Mouths of Babes (GEN)
  She Aint Heavy... (GEN)
  Heart's Promise(GEN)
  Soul's Pledge
Maggie & Peribear A Week In the Lives or The Week That Was (GEN)
Marshall, Barry & Winters, CN Warlord
MaryD No Strings Attached
  No Vacancy
  Sons of Thunder
MaryE A Dark and Stormy Night
  Technical Difficulties
  Been There, Done That
  Send in the Warriors
  Interview With A Warrior Princess
  X&G - The Lost Years: Time and Space
Mayt The Final Night
  The Mountain Ridge
  The Unspoken
  The Hunted
  A Fear of Daylight
  The Chamber
  The Emeth Stone
Natural Causes
Silences ll
Vineyard by the Sea - Part 1 2 -3 (Complete)
McGowan, Maureen Girl Talk (GEN)
  A Test of Friendship (GEN)
  The Homecoming (GEN)
  The Promise (GEN)
  Loss of Innocence (GEN)
Midgit Everything (Alt)
  When Xena Died
  Who Would I Be, Without You?
  A Remembrance of Still Waters
  Very Like a Whale
Miller, B L The Show (ALT)
  Ulysses Revisited (ALT)
  Mothers (Alt-fic version)(ALT)
Mothers (non-altfic version) (GEN)
  About Artemis (ALT)
  Card's Anyone? (ALT)
  Hostage (ALT)
  A Queen's Sacrifice (ALT)
  The Silent Bard (ALT)
  The Treaty (ALT)
  The Cabin (ALT)
  Charon's Troubles (ALT)
  Guilt, Love & Forgiveness (ALT)
  Clueless (ALT)
  The Cloak (ALT)
  A Lazy Loving Morning... (ALT)
Morgaine Journey's Gift (ALT)
  Fate's Gift (ALT)
Morgan, Bridgit Xena: Warrior Princess: Apocalypse - Book 1 Nemesis
Morgan, Mary Circle of Stones
  The Deer
  After the Volcano
  Cry Wolf
  The Judgement of the Gods
Morrig Destiny's Ghost
Muir, Tonya The Journey Home (Alt)
  Wounded (Alt)
  Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained (Alt)
  Each and Every Day (Alt)
Muzza Away From Home (ALT)
  Trust In Her (ALT)
My Osage A Nice Quiet Evening?
  Another Amazon Princess
  Aphrodite's Gift
  Beyond Melosa's Shadow
  Callisto's Challenge
  Gabrielle's Dream
  M'Lilla's Destiny
  Sappho's Inspiration
  That One Afternoon
  The Hero Within
  The Warden's Wish
  Why Are You Here?
Invitation to Egypt
My Warrior The River (GEN)
  I Had Forgotten (GEN)
  Ding Dong Door Ditch
Mythmaker To Trust a Warrior(ALT)
  Reconciliation (ALT)
  The Warrior's Love (ALT)
  The Undone Warrior (ALT)
  The Warrior Untamed (ALT)
  The Retaming of the Warrior (Alt)
Navaday Have Wit n' Travel
Noble, Kelly The Stalker
North The Road To Hel (ALT)
Novan, T. T Novan's Fan Fiction Corner
O'Donnell, Anne Nightstalker (ALT)
O'Donnell, BJ After Thoughts (Alt)
  Retribution (Alt)
  Underworld (Alt)
  The Day After (Thoughts) (Alt)
  I Will Not Be Denied.. (Alt)
Ortiz, Anna Fiction
T.Novan & Murphy Empress, Warrior, Woman


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