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The Conqueror
Serving The Conqueror

Uber Finding My Way
The Brass Ring - Parts 1 - 23 24 25- 26 27 28- 29 (Complete)
A Day At the Mall
A Short Vacation
Blair's Bounty
Coffee Break
Cupid's Arrows
Danica's Dilemma
Dashing Through The Snow
Dueces Are Wild
Dinner With The Family
Do Not Open Before Christmas
Home For the Holidays
Easter Surprise
Final Exam
Good Things Come in Small Packages
Happy Birthday Jen
Adventure on the High Seas
Home Improvement
Jury Duty
Laundry Day
Let It Rain
Miss Larilia's Lesson
Stolen Moments
The Drive-In
A Woman In Uniform
By The Dawn's Early Light
The Promise
Rain's Journey
A Call To Service
Memory Lane
The Repairwoman
The Body Guard
Rule Forty Seven
Here Comes The Bride
The Long Weekend
Fielder's Choice
My Sister's Keeper - Part 1 2 3 4- 5 6 7-9 10
Whispering Pines
Starting Over
Reaching A Verdict
Trading Rooms
Finding Destiny
Roll Of The Dice
Storm Warning
Fanning The Flames
Holiday Cheer
Questions and Answers
Angel Unchanged
Hidden Agenda
Home Stretch
The King's Frolic
Briar's Creek
I've Always Known
Just An Ordinary Day
Saving For Tomorrow
Desperately Seeking Clark
The Price I Paid
All In A Day's Work 
After The Honeymoon (Stewed, Screwed & Tattooed Part Two)
The Checkered Flag
Making The Grade
Tempus Fugit - Parts 1-6 (Unfinished)


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